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Neighbours greenhouse

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Gcalgske Thu 14-Jul-16 00:32:08

Hi all, after some advice.

Neighbours have built a big greenhouse against our fence at the back. My Kitchen backs onto a small rear garden which borders theirs.

Not great in terms of our view but on their property etc so totally fine. Problem is for about 3 hours a day (12-3), on sunny days it's blinding me or dd if we go into the kitchen with reflected light. Have had to close the curtains today as dd is only 3 and won't be told not to look at it and then complains that her eyes/ head are sore and 'red' (presume light spots) she was in tears the other day with it.

We don't have windows in the kitchen, just a set of sliding doors which are the only source of natural light in the (quite dark as we are in a steading) kitchen and are directly in front of my island which is the only bit of work top I have to do chopping etc. Would it be unreasonable to ask them if we could maybe go halfs on anti glare film or something? (Or if anyone else knows of anything else that could help?)

Currently, short of wearing my sun glasses to prep the veg or closing the curtains and putting lights on (which I'm loathe to do as I'm both tight and trying not to waste resources), it's making my kitchen unusable for a good chunk of the day and that's annoying. Anyone know if I have any rights here? I have heard of people having to relocate solar panels which reflected into neighbours homes, wonder if it'd be something similar?

apatheticfallacy Thu 14-Jul-16 00:37:46

The anti glare film sounds like a good idea - I'd definitely suggest that first. Failing that what about some voile curtains to allow light in butminimise the glare!

Gcalgske Thu 14-Jul-16 00:52:18

Voiles are a great idea! Thank you!! To be frank I'd rather not speak to them about it, we are on fairly friendly nodding/ take in parcels for each other terms but know they had a massive 'lawyers involved' dispute over oil tank locations with the people who were in our house before so I'm not keen to get on the wrong side of them...

MichaelTMackey Thu 14-Jul-16 07:14:02

I had a similar experience. Voile works!! =)

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