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What's all this about British taps?

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mtfasuncion Sun 10-Jul-16 23:39:46

Have found a zombie thread pigletjohn comment about taps that has me worried. He says imported taps aren't suitable for low UK water pressure. Ordinary UK taps have 15mm tails on basin and will be WRAS approved. What does this mean? Can I not use Grohe basin mixer taps? Any experiences to help, good or bad? Anyone bought (cheapish) Grohe taps online and is happy with them?

PigletJohn Mon 11-Jul-16 00:40:09

Have you got a hot-water cylinder? What colour?

mtfasuncion Mon 11-Jul-16 07:37:07

I am not sure. How do I find out? I have a combi boiler, but no tanks in the loft or in cupboards.

BluePitchFork Mon 11-Jul-16 07:46:05

then you should be fine with european brands like grohe/hansgrohe

Gizlotsmum Mon 11-Jul-16 07:49:24

The wras approval is a certificate that all the materials in the tap are safe for use with drinking water.

mtfasuncion Mon 11-Jul-16 09:05:47

Thanks, everyone. Very helpful smile

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