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Bathroom splashbacks/boards

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AFourNotebook Fri 08-Jul-16 15:02:25

We are finally redoing our ensuite (afetr 7 years in the house!), and I want to avoid tiles - i hate the grout looking dirty so quickly. I've heard about bathroom splashbacks, but would like to see some in the flesh, so to speak. Any idea where I can go and see them - I want to look at the colours, and see how sturdy/waterproof/easy to work with they are. We are in the W Midlands if that helps smile. Ta

CointreauVersial Sat 09-Jul-16 00:25:00

We have this sort of thing in our shower (also trying to avoid tiles) and it looks fab. It was dead easy to put up; it's basically laminate!

We went with a matte finish stony grey (but with a slight texture/glint) so as to hide watermarks. You can get glossy finish; also glass, which is more expensive but harder to keep clean, I think.

Try googling some of the brands (Multipanel, Mermaid Board, Wetwall) - they send out samples and can advise nearby stockists. We found that several of the local bathroom shops stocked it, and it is used in quite a few of their displays because it's so much easier than tiles.

2nds Sat 09-Jul-16 00:26:44

My mum has it, wipe it and it's clean, no real scrubbing and if I owned my own house I'd have it too but sadly I rent. My. Mums covers her entire bathroom walls

justaweeone Sat 09-Jul-16 10:52:12

We have just had some installed
We went for shower wall in linear white which is Matt and slightly textured
We bought it from Jewsons and they had samples you could look at
I think it was approx £375
Double check what thickness you need for the shower tray as they varied, we need 10 mm
Really please with it
Pic included, shower had just been used

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