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Doing up a bathroom - keeping the suite

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FiddleFigs Thu 07-Jul-16 13:29:46

We had our bathroom completely redone a few years ago, but it was not done well and needs redoing. The actual bathroom suite is fine - the problem is with the tongue & groove panelling (it wasn't put in properly and has started to rot!) and the floor (vinyl, but it's starting to peel away!).

So we want to replace the tongue & groove with tiles, and lay a new floor (also tile).

Presumably, I can keep the bathroom suite and not have to replace that too? I'm not sure how these things work - and feel a bit stupid for asking.

frenchielala Thu 07-Jul-16 13:42:53

Yes you can do that - though a plumber would probably need to remove the toilet and sink and then have them plumbed back in depending on their location to the t&g and where you want tiled. As long as you want to put them back in the same place - this is a quick job for a plumber. It sounds like you will not be able to tile over the t&g (not ideal anyway) as it is mouldy so will need to prepare the walls for tiling. Is the t&g fixed to struts/ batons? if so a tiler should be able to put plasterboard onto the struts and then tile on to that. Floor depends on what it is made of.

A plumber should be able to do this fairly easily - so I would ask a couple, if you have anyone in mind for doing the work.

FiddleFigs Thu 07-Jul-16 13:58:17

french that's really helpful - thanks! I think the t&g is fixed to the walls (I think it's mdf t&g). I'll get a couple of plumbers and tilers in to talk it through.

thanks for responding - good to know that it isn't overly complex!

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