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Cheering up a bathroom (rental property)

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ThereMustBeACatch Wed 06-Jul-16 21:15:20

Have just moved into a new rental house - love lots of aspects of it but am chewing my lip over the bathroom. Black floor tiles and green paint that is veering dangerously towards avocado. Obviously there's nothing we can do about that in a rental but does anyone have any suggestions for small ways to spruce a bathroom up a bit?

OldLagNewName Thu 07-Jul-16 11:42:48

Plants! Ferns and african violets love bathrooms because of the steam. A cheery shower curtain that's a brighter but still toning green (and black, maybe)? Likewise, towels that are green but less avocado.

OldLagNewName Thu 07-Jul-16 11:44:04

Or a complete contrast colour for towels etc. like bright red?

Hufflepuffin Thu 07-Jul-16 12:05:52

I'd do white white white for towels andshower curtains, with maybe a bright bathmat (we have an anthropologie one that was too expensive but has lifted a few of our rental bathrooms now!).

And lots of plants.

If you don't want to share pics can you share a pic of the sort of shade green we're talking about?

whois Thu 07-Jul-16 12:28:03

I second the other posters - plants and really crisp white towels and shower curtian to brighten it up a bit.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 07-Jul-16 13:09:57

Having lived in a house with a green bathroom I'd repaint smile You'll look like death in the morning grin

ThereMustBeACatch Thu 07-Jul-16 14:49:53

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! smile

Hufflepuffin. I would say it's probably around this colour but a shade darker:

It's not utterly hideous but the overall effect with the black tiles is a very 'cold' feeling room if that makes any sense.

I was thinking perhaps a yellow bathmat to try to bring out some warmer tones. Plants are a good idea - I have a well-grown lucky bamboo that I'm thinking would Not Die in a bathroom environment?!

Tread, it's alright, the only mirror is a tiny naff shaving mirror so I won't be able to look too closely at myself anyway. grin

Chloe1984 Thu 07-Jul-16 17:15:21

Had the landlord said that you aren't allowed to decorate? I've found most landlords willing, unless it's only just been painted.

mortgagefreesoon5 Sat 09-Jul-16 08:35:17

I second the idea to put some plants, put some candles, hang some pictures and change shower curtain, new towels, bin and don't forget the toilet seat, it'll make a big difference

Lighteningirll Sat 09-Jul-16 16:34:26

Ask your landlord, as long as tenants having asked, painted well using a neutral colour I would be ok with a change (mind you I would never have painted it green/rented it out like that)

spankhurst Sat 09-Jul-16 16:36:17

Good quality towels and shower curtain, good rug, plants, posh scented candle somewhere, picture?

ThereMustBeACatch Sun 10-Jul-16 13:36:59

Thanks for the advice everyone! We will ask about re-painting. It's not something I've ever considered doing in a rental property before but the colour scheme isn't the most neutral (not only in the bathroom). It also clearly hasn't been repainted recently. Our landlords are brand new to renting out and I don't think neutral, fresh paint occurred to them...

RandomMess Sun 10-Jul-16 19:27:58

Just remember to use bathroom paint. I always use brightly coloured striped hand towels (not sure where they'll come from now BhS are gone) picks up various colours in the bathrooms and don't show every mark from the DC...

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Mon 11-Jul-16 10:13:20

In my experience landlords are ok with it provided you aren't painting the place a variety of bright colours and crucially, are the type to do a decent job and not trash the carpets and woodwork just slapping paint around.

I've repainted two flats but agreed it as part of the lease and so the landlord funded the paint by knocking off a few hundred on the first month. He got a good deal in terms of the free labour and I'm a pernickety painter grin

ThereMustBeACatch Mon 11-Jul-16 10:46:29

TreadSoftly I've just emailed to ask so we'll see what he says! What we're proposing would make the flat more neutral and a more suitable rental property in some ways for future tenants so I'd hope he'll bite our hand off for said free labour! Ideally as you say this should have been something we discussed at the point of taking a lease but the rental market round here is very sparse so we were so busy feeling relieved at finding a decent house that we didn't stop to think.

concertplayer Mon 11-Jul-16 15:39:51

We made the mistake of getting a cheap white plastic toilet seat.
Never again Pay a bit more and get better quality
They come in all colours materials shapes and sizes these days

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