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PigletJohn or anyone who knows about boilers - help please!

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Earlybird Mon 04-Jul-16 20:51:44

Hello -
I know next to nothing about the mechanics of home maintenance, so could use some advice. It is time for a new boiler - old one has lived a long life, and should probably be replaced before it fails.

I have received two quotes, and wonder if someone could offer positive or negative advice
* A local (central London company) have quoted £3,459 for a Valiant Eco unit
* British Gas has quoted £3,600 for a Worcester Bosch unit.
I wonder if this choice is better as they provide a 5 year warranty plus other services. (British Gas also offered the same Valiant Eco model which is comparable to the Bosch)

Any advice / guidance would be hugely appreciated. Also - what should be included in the prices quoted (presumably unit itself, installation / labour, hauling off the old unit.......anything else?)?


PigletJohn Mon 04-Jul-16 22:09:36

What's wrong with the old one? How old is it?

Have you got a hot water cylinder?

Earlybird Mon 04-Jul-16 22:59:10

Oh - there you are! I'm glad my post caught your eye.

I do have a hot water cylinder (replaced last year).

The boiler was installed in 1996, so has lived a good life. It is becoming difficult to find parts for it (plumber always says it should be replaced when he comes to do the annual service).

While I'm not anxious to replace something that continues to function, I wonder if I have simply been extremely lucky for it to have lasted so long.

PigletJohn Mon 04-Jul-16 23:34:26

gasmen are always arguing about which boiler is best or worst. Currently they seem to prefer Vaillants to Worcester Bosch. Viessmann are also good. Your installation should include a powerflush and a system filter. The installer should show you how to empty dirt out of the filter periodically. It will be particularly dirty for the first few months, then dirt will reduce and need cleaning less often.

BG are notorious for being expensive. Look at the makers websites to see who are Approved Installers in your area. An approved installer will generally mean you get a longer guarantee.

I'd keep the cylinder unless you have a small flat with one bathroom. What colour is it? Does it fill the bath quickly?

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