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Kemsing, Sevenoaks

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Afozzy8586 Mon 04-Jul-16 00:25:28

We are thinking of moving to Kemsing, Sevenoaks from Essex.

We have done lots of research and are happy with the house and local schools but have found hard to pin done any information on the commuter links. We've spoken to a few locals but none seem to use the station to commute into London.

Does anyone know how easy it is to park at the station each day and if the service is reliable? Hubby commutes everyday and it's holding back us moving at the moment.

The station car park has 10 spaces but we guess they fill quite quickly and not sure where else you can go! Can you walk to the station from the village?

Anything anyone can tell us about the village and the station would be great!

Thanks! smile

Nefer795 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:46:58

From memory very few trains stop at Kemsing station so it isn't used much. My DSF used to commute from Otford which goes in to Victoria (I think) but I imagine some will commute from Sevenoaks which goes to Charing Cross. Parking was always horrendous there and I don't suppose it's changed. The last bus to Kemsing was just after 6 when I worked in Sevenoaks. I grew up in Kemsing and my parents are still there but I moved to Essex after university. Good luck with your plans.

origamiwarrior Mon 04-Jul-16 09:24:57

My best friend lives in Kemsing. She seems to like it, although doesn't have to commute to London.

Very few (and very slow) trains stop at Kemsing station. You can't easily walk to Kemsing station from the village (if by 'Village' you mean where the school is) it's about 2 miles with no pavements. Cycling/moped would be an option.

But surely you could see all this by looking on a map/at the train timetable?

Anyway, most people in Kemsing use Otford station. If you are living in the 'newer' (1960s) part of Kemsing, you can walk/cycle to Otford station across fields (tarmac'd footpath); just under a mile. Parking at Otford is horrendous and expensive - even with a parking season ticket you won't necessarily get a space unless you are very early. Again, cycling or mopeding could be an option.

NB. If you live in the 1960s end of the village, it is unlikely you will get into Kemsing Primary School. You're more likely to be allocated Seal or Otford (both you'd need to drive to with kids). My friend's son was allocated Seal School. They are very happy with it now, but Kemsing was their first choice and they were upset they didn't get it.

Afozzy8586 Mon 04-Jul-16 12:56:45

Thanks for this.

We have checked the train times and are comfortable they fit with our needs from Kemsing but would be good to know how reliable etc they are. At present the train we use from Essex runs every 15 minutes as stated online but in reality they are always delayed, cancelled or some form of engineering works! Our concern is mainly being able to park at you say you cannot walk there but there is hardly any parking and unsure how easy that would be.

We are looking at the areas close to the Post office and Noah's Ark and hence Kemsing school would be the preferred choice.

7OaksDad Thu 07-Jul-16 07:10:23

As others have said far more trains from Otford which if you're getting in the car anyway isn't much further. Depending on location in London they're are also trains to Blackfriars (more frequent and via London Bridge from 2018) and a lot of people get the short hop back to Sevenoaks for Charing Cross or Cannon Street fast services. Don't think parking is as bad as suggested above thread my wife used to commute in fairly late and drive to Otford and had no problem parking.

If I were you I'd also look at property in Otford - slightly pricier because of the transport but more convenient for Sevenoaks etc.

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