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no window in bathroom on external wall.

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Sunnyshine Sun 03-Jul-16 12:17:55

Hi how easy is it to put a window in a bathroom if it's on an external wall!? Why wouldn't you put one in in the first place? Thanks

BluePitchFork Sun 03-Jul-16 12:21:43

we considered enlarging the window opening in our cloakroom so that we could actually get a window fitted that could open.
would have been hideously expensive, and requiring planning permission+building control.
we decided to go with an extractor fan instead (still cost 500£ for a days labour and parts)

LIZS Sun 03-Jul-16 12:23:24

Would it overlook neighbours or was it a new build built to spec as if a terrace. It allows a more flexible layout. An internal bathroom isn't an issue for everyone although I prefer a window.

madmother1 Sun 03-Jul-16 12:26:31

I've got an internal bathroom. I'd prefer a window to be honest if you can do it. Do it 😊

Sunnyshine Sun 03-Jul-16 19:34:28

It's a new build that is end terrace. Just find it odd that if you could put one in as a builder why wouldn't you ?

Scribblegirl Sun 03-Jul-16 19:37:07

If it's a new build I'm guessing all the houses in the terrace are to an identical design - so you don't have a window because none of the others could, if that makes sense.

BluePitchFork Sun 03-Jul-16 19:38:44

in our case (victorian terrace) the bathroom is in the end bit overlooking the neighbours cloakroom window. hence pp required.

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