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What colour walls to have with my alabaster kitchen please?

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dArtagnansCrumpet Sat 02-Jul-16 20:16:06

I have a small u shaped kitchen. The doors will be handleless alabaster matt. I have a back panel on one wall planned joining the top cupboards with the bottom ones. I am only having bottom cupboards on the other two sides iykwim. These two sides are where the sink will be and the oven on the other. The worktops and back panel are a kind of light Brown. I have no idea what colour to choose for my walls. Its a darkish room that is joined on to a dining room. Any ideas please?

Also no idea what colour floor or splashback to go for. I quite like the metallic look you see when you go for pubgrub or at least in my locals grin

dArtagnansCrumpet Sun 03-Jul-16 14:08:18

Anyone? blush

allwornout0 Sun 03-Jul-16 16:36:36

Sorry if i'm thinking of a different kitchen, but I have cream shaker style doors with light brown wood look worktop. I have Dulux Overtley Olive on the walls and it looks really nice.
The room isn't the biggest kitchen or the lightest and I did wonder if the color would make it much too dark but it's made it brighter somehow.

dArtagnansCrumpet Sun 03-Jul-16 17:45:02

Thank you very much. So darker colours don't neccesarily mean making a space darker then?

ChishandFips33 Sun 03-Jul-16 18:41:09

Not always, I don't think. I've just painted a couple of walls in my bathroom a dark colour and it feels like the walls have receded

TremoloGreen Sun 03-Jul-16 19:51:00

I have little greene 'salix' with my alabaster kitchen with oak worktops. Woodwork in dulux timeless. I have a silvery grey floor - it is vinyl flooring supposed to look like polished concrete.

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