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Moduleo Flooring Beware

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JHivale Fri 01-Jul-16 18:47:16

Moduleo Flooring

We have had major issues with Moduleo flooring. Late last year 2015 we renovated the ground floor of our house and went for the Moduleo dry back Transform VERDON OAK 24280. The flooring was purchased from a local flooring supplier near our home, they also fit Amtico and Karndean, their fitters who laid the flooring are all NICF (National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers) registered.

The floor was being layed on newly laid flooring grade plywood. The recommendation was for 6mm ply, our builder who is known to us and has many years’ experience in house renovation, chose 12mm high quality flooring/marine ply for the installation. The flooring was screwed down every 6 inches and was fully level and sold. The flooring was left for 3 months before the flooring installation as we had other works going on and the flooring was one of the last parts of the prices. The Plywood was bone dry prior to installation. The flooring company inspected the flooring twice before installation and the floor layers where very happy with the subfloor.

The company levelled areas that needed levelling and feather edge filled all screw holes prior to laying the floor. The floor was laid in September last year. After a short time we noticed that gaps were beginning got appear between the Moduleo flooring, and the product had shrunk. We waited 7 weeks for the Moduleo rep to attend out house. On the day of the inspection (I use this in the loosest possible terms) he wandered around for 5 minutes and took a few photographs on his phone. He lifted one tiny corner or a flooring tile for 5 seconds and said he would have to consult his technical department.

When the report was received it stated that the wrong flooring ply had been put down, I find this very hard to believe as the rep did not even inspect the ply that had been laid. Also the experienced professionally registered floor fitters, agreed the ply was of a far superior grade that was required. This is the same flooring ply used for Amtico and Karndean installs. I have also studied the Moduleo installation instructions for this product and no specification of ply is given. We know the product was defective as when our fitters replaced one of the shrunk tiles, with a tile that I had stored from the left over install; it fitted perfectly. Proving the product that was removed had shrunk

We had shrinking to random tiles throughout our ground floor install. We had to have the entire floor taken up and binned and this caused massive upheaval and upset. Moduleo have not offered any recompense and have not even contacted me since. Telling our flooring supplier their only option was to sue them for the money.

We have now had new Karndean fitted at the expense of our flooring company, this was fitted on the same flooring ply and is perfect. Beware of Moduleo the product is questionable and their customer service is even worse.

wowfudge Fri 01-Jul-16 20:33:40

The MD of Moduleo is on the other thread you've also posted to - why don't you contact him? Unless of course, you have already had dealings with him.

JHivale Fri 01-Jul-16 21:14:00

Thanks for the message but Apparently Moduleo flooring are not "Customer Facing" as the rep told me when he would not send the report into my flooring issues to me only to the supplier. Maybe they will be come customer facing in due course!

PixieGio Fri 01-Jul-16 21:55:43

I've had similar problem with the laying of karndean throughout entire house. We spent 5000 total and wish we never bothered. It looks cheap, uneven and is raising.

Spivo46 Fri 13-Jan-17 18:25:12

Moduleo, They are a nightmare! I have just recieved £400 pound compensation of the £1600 we spent. This is 3 months after it was laid. Gaps appeared within a week. We used Moduleo's number one distributor in the north east to lay it. They used 9mm sp01 marine ply. The product is substandard, just like the company. Go elsewhere if quality is important to you.

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