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Wet UFH advice

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Krish123 Fri 01-Jul-16 09:19:16

Hi all,

new to the forum but am hoping to be quite active as I am about to start a full house refurb in E London.

Looking to get some wet UFH for the full downstairs. Approx 90-100 sq metres. Need it to be zoned too.

So far have found 2 options will a variation is price:

1. (<£1000)

2. (£1500)

Anyone used UFH direct before?

Can anyone explain the difference between the two kits?

Which one is better and why?


Pradaqueen Fri 01-Jul-16 18:34:12

Have a look at wundafloor it is designed to go on top of floorboards of old houses. You don't say what type of property you have but I have this upstairs and downstairs in a 3900sqft Georgian house on an oil ch. excellent zoning system and I use 3 x 1000l of oil per year to heat it (5 beds)

ChishandFips33 Sat 02-Jul-16 07:59:41

We used Wundafloor too. It was the system for on top of concrete floors with grooved insulation for the pipes to sit in - bliss!

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