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How to "repair" damaged soft-wood floorboards?

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MarasmeAbsolu Wed 29-Jun-16 18:12:22

We have soft-wood floorboards - they were sanded and sealed with an acrylic coat a few years ago, with a slight shine.
They look lovely, but the slightest scratch marks them badly. A pain with the DDs.

DDs have been building dens out of chairs, and have marked the floorboards quite badly - not quite scratches, but more dents.

I remember that a few years ago our builder hired a "french polisher" to improve some dents they had made by accidents in the floor - any idea how this works, and whether it can be done easily?

I appreciate we will not fully repair the damage, but would like to minimise the dents...

user1465823522 Wed 29-Jun-16 18:53:49

try rubbing minor scratches with a raw walnut - it sounds crazy, but honestly it covers most minor scratches

MarasmeAbsolu Sun 03-Jul-16 19:49:16

thanks user!
have tried this on the scratches - works well!

I also tried the "french polishing" thingy (I felt brave):
a bit of water on the dent, then a couple of sheets of kitchen paper on top, and the iron on max setting on top of paper in small rotating motions for 20 seconds. Loads of steam, and a not so deep dent after treatment grin

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