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I know you all like an 'interesting' house look what I have found!

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Doublejeopardy Wed 29-Jun-16 12:01:11

love the bar

MissBattleaxe Wed 29-Jun-16 12:06:16

425k??? Is that normal for that area? And what's with the giant aviary?

PurpleHatt Wed 29-Jun-16 12:13:45


It looks like it stinks inside blush

kelper Wed 29-Jun-16 12:13:53

It's very busy! In fact it makes me want to blitz my own house for fear we're getting like that 😐

MargotLovedTom Wed 29-Jun-16 12:17:11

So much clutter! I couldn't relax in a house like that, and I am in no way a minimalist.

Ineedmorelemonpledge Wed 29-Jun-16 12:22:34

It looks like the kind of house you'd see in a swingers party in a Louis Theroux documentary.

I even went back to the front garden to check for Pampas grass. grin

Nice place St Albans.

Pootles2010 Wed 29-Jun-16 12:23:21

Urgh, yes it looks like it stinks. You can tell they haven't looked after it at all.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Wed 29-Jun-16 12:27:13

What's with the monkey stuff? Monkey teddies, monkey biscuit tin...

Are there monkeys in that big cage??

Propertyquandry Wed 29-Jun-16 12:27:58

It will sell though. Everything in that area does. Pil's house was a 4bed semi needing lots of work and sold for 850!

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Wed 29-Jun-16 12:28:13

I need to know what's in the cage

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Wed 29-Jun-16 12:28:27

Looks like it belongs to an old couple who haven't really done anything with it since retiring.

It has potential as a small family house, I suppose - and a lovely big garden if you rip the aviary down.

squeaver Wed 29-Jun-16 12:29:55

I really want to know whose face that is on the duvet cover. Is it Donny Osmond?

Enoughisenough9 Wed 29-Jun-16 12:35:11

Horrible thread. I think the people who live there would be great fun. Certainly doesn't look dirty. Cluttered/lived in - yes.

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Wed 29-Jun-16 12:36:57

Think is an Elvis throw. My mum still drinks her morning tea from a Donny Osmond mug, she fucking loves him

Scuttle22 Wed 29-Jun-16 12:41:58

I normally like these threads but this one feels like an invasion of their privacy.

bibbitybobbityyhat Wed 29-Jun-16 12:42:37

Oh I do LOVE an unusual house.

The owners look like they have really enjoyed living there - they have lots of hobbies and interests, a bar, a juke box! Fantastic.

How the actual fuck do any of you know it "stinks inside"? Yes you should be embarrassed to have posted such a hateful comment.

bibbitybobbityyhat Wed 29-Jun-16 12:43:36

It feels like an invasion of the owners privacy because people are being so astonishingly rude.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Wed 29-Jun-16 12:46:41

Meh. They've put it online for all to see...

MsKite Wed 29-Jun-16 12:54:32

I think I would have moved the bin and bucket out pf the bedroom for a start. I've got no room to talk though looking at the state of my house at the moment. It looks like a nice area anyway smile

Scuttle22 Wed 29-Jun-16 12:56:20

Only the people looking to buy a house joffrey hmm

PurpleHatt Wed 29-Jun-16 12:58:22

Looks like it belongs to an old couple who haven't really done anything with it since retiring

See I thought it looked like it belongs to a man in his mid-40s who lives alone, most likely following a divorce and definitely having a mid-life crisis. The running machine and boy racer car are a dead give away.

PurpleHatt Wed 29-Jun-16 12:59:30

Scuttle These websites aren't only for people looking to buy a house. They're public.

liquidrevolution Wed 29-Jun-16 13:01:48

If you look at the floor plan it has a very small kitchen but a large tv room as well as a dining room and sitting room and a giant playroom added on.

I think they love their giant tvs.

timelytess Wed 29-Jun-16 13:04:16

Lots of potential. Definitely a lone-male occupier at present.

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 29-Jun-16 13:07:12

That could be an amazing house, the amount of living space downstairs is brilliant!

I love when there is a perfectly ordinary house on the outside and then inside is so completely unique to the owner.

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