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To buy or not to buy...?

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SpanielPlusToddler Tue 28-Jun-16 16:25:26

We are having a dilemma about whether to sell our house and buy a new build. Opinions on the situation would be much appreciated, thanks.

We live in a nearly 20 year old, generous 3 bedroom house, in a small village. Would really like to buy a bigger house with a 4th bedroom and bigger downstairs rooms. But it must be in this village, for school catchment and other reasons. The restricted search area and house size we want means possible houses come up very rarely and we would have to sell ours quickly if one came on to the market.

There is a small development of 16 new houses in the village and the sale of one has fallen through so it's now available. We went to see it and are now in a dilemma.

On the plus size the location is pretty good, the garden is bigger than our current (although not as big as we'd like) it has more rooms than we currently have, it's shiny and new and We could pay a deposit now and have 6 months to sell our house.

But on the negative side some of the rooms are small, the living room and all the bedrooms are smaller than our current house. And it's on a development, ideally we'd rather have a unique (old or modern) house, on its own. It feels like it's not a big enough jump up from our current house and not our 'forever' home. It would work just now, but we might feel like we want to move again in 5 years.

Sorry for the long essay! So wise MNers what should we do? Buy or wait?

wowfudge Tue 28-Jun-16 16:45:45

You've answered your own question really. No need to hurry given the economic climate at the moment either. I have friends who live in a similar sounding village - they leafleted houses they were interested in in order to move.

whois Tue 28-Jun-16 16:46:46

Nah, doesn't sound like you really want it.

Unless you have a pressing need i.e. children hating sharing I wouldn't.

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