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Damp coming through from neighbour

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marilynmonroe Thu 23-Jun-16 12:37:01

We have an elderly neighbour who lives on his own next door. We have noticed that one internal wall (in the hallway) has started to turn yellow. We could not work it out at first but last night my husband went round and asked to see what was on his side of the wall. He said it was awful. It was so damp and there were mushrooms growing on the wall. The neighbour seemed surprise that it was affecting us. He promised to something done about it but I just know he won't. His house is a mess and very unkept. We have the phone number for one of his sons and I said to DH that we should call him up and tell him so that something gets sorted straight away but he said no he wants to give our neighbour the chance. What would you do? He's a nice man and we are good terms with him and help him out a lot but I just think this is unacceptable.

wowfudge Thu 23-Jun-16 12:55:54

I think I would phone the son. Let him know how bad his dad's wall is rather than demanding the issue is fixed. Apart from anything else it could be a health risk. Sounds like a leak or penetrating damp from an external problem.

marilynmonroe Fri 24-Jun-16 21:32:49

Thanks. My do has actually taken it into his hands and a damp specialist is coming to inspect on Tuesday.

wowfudge Sat 25-Jun-16 06:33:04

Is that a damp specialist from a company that sells damp proof courses? They will of course recommended one. Beware.

PigletJohn Sat 25-Jun-16 08:23:47

Yellow stain will be a plumbing leak.

Damp proofing no good.

Plumber required.

marilynmonroe Mon 27-Jun-16 13:35:00

We are getting a company that deal in everything and once they know what the problem seems to be they will recommend what service it requires. Fingers crossed. Thanks piglet for that advice.

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