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range oven or double oven - which did you / would you choose?

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tava63 Thu 23-Jun-16 10:54:09

We are doing a big renovation to move in to with our family and I need to make a decision now on ovens and am really struggling. Good cooks out there (I am not one sadly) would you choose a range oven or go for a double oven? What brands do you think are the best. Any words of wisdom appreciated.

tava63 Thu 23-Jun-16 10:57:21

oops should have said whatever option I am going for an induction hob.

dollylucy Thu 23-Jun-16 10:58:09

Range ovens look good, but I always think its not the clean hygienic option because food gets dropped down the sides.
Double eyes level oven is so convenient

dollylucy Thu 23-Jun-16 10:58:38

Can recommend induction hob, heats up sooo fast

Donatellalymanmoss Thu 23-Jun-16 11:04:23

Just joining in to see the responses as having a similar dilemma. DH really wants a range whereas I want eye level ovens for the convenience.

Chloe94 Thu 23-Jun-16 11:46:22

I have a range oven, cooks food very well!! It also looks stunning in my kitchen, I'm a very 'showy ' person so get that smug feeling everytime somebody says wow love your oven/range!!! So for me good food and stunning looks make a range well work that it haha smile

Chloe94 Thu 23-Jun-16 11:47:25

Well worth it that should say smile

NarcyCow Thu 23-Jun-16 13:00:49

Neither for me actually, I'd be happy with a single eye level oven. I can cook christmas dinner for 7 with a single oven and a hob.

Having said that, the house we've just bought comes with a 4-oven range, so I could change my mind...

DramaAlpaca Thu 23-Jun-16 13:03:02

I love the look of a range, but I went for an eye level double oven so I don't have to bend down to lift things in & out. Never regretted it.

StubbleTurnips Thu 23-Jun-16 13:10:21

We have a range. It's going in favour of 2 ovens and a hob.
The fucking thing is awful to keep clean and nice. Never again.

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 23-Jun-16 13:29:32

I'd suggest both - a range and an eye level oven /oven and grill ! Get the best of both worlds that way !
If you can - try to get pyro clean appliances !

TollgateDebs Thu 23-Jun-16 15:46:44

They can vary, but both can be efficient in the cooking of food and easy to clean. However, I went for eye level this time and found that the width of the actual racks was a big factor. Our old range cooker could only take the smaller trays, which was a pain, whereas the new built in is a fair bit wider. Something else to think on.

MrsPigling Thu 23-Jun-16 16:14:48

We've got a 90cm range and am hopefully moving house and will need to re-do the kitchen. I'm hoping to copy MIL and have two build in 60cm ovens side by side. The small oven on my range is not fan and is next to useless, I think 2 normal sized ovens is the way to go smile

I'm cooking for a minimum of 6 every day though.

GipsyDanger Thu 23-Jun-16 16:16:34

Worth checking (at least at my work) an induction hob won't fit above a double oven.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Thu 23-Jun-16 16:18:21

Double oven, smaller oven being a combi oven/microwave. I use mine all the time.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Thu 23-Jun-16 16:20:37

Should have read, combi oven/grill/microwave. With oven and microwave on together it does 2 big jacket potatoes with crispy skins in about 14 mins.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 23-Jun-16 16:22:33

I have a big Rangemaster and I absolutely love it. Don't tend to get food down the sides but yes it does get dusty down there.

tava63 Thu 23-Jun-16 16:28:53

Thanks everyone, really helpful .... have to say the looks of many of the ranges available has been a pull too as mentioned by Chloe94 and the possibility of loads of positive comments too but knowing that I am not a natural or enthusiastic cook I was hearing these two competing voices. The number of comments on challenges keeping a range clean are definitely helpful in making a decision - anything that reduces housekeeping time is good. Thanks for tip from GipsyDanger to check out if induction hob will fit above double oven (I am sadly not sure eye level will work with tight layout), Tip on Pyro clean appliances very helpful .... now I know why I've been feeling a bit pathetic making this decision - loads to think about so thanks everyone for your input hugely appreciated.

Mycraneisfixed Thu 23-Jun-16 16:39:13

Loved my Aga for its looks but prefer a double oven (gas hob) for practicalities like actual cooking and versatility.

LBOCS2 Thu 23-Jun-16 17:11:10

I LOVE the look of a range cooker. But I was put off by the amount of actual cooking space available on them. You seem to get three or four smaller, slimmer ovens instead of two decent sized ones. We entertain quite a lot and I enjoy cooking, not being able to fit a medium or large baking tray in was a deal breaker for me.

PosiePootlePerkins Thu 23-Jun-16 17:15:35

Eye level double oven, love it. Large bottom oven is fan, smaller top one is not. Perfect for Sunday roast - stick the meat in the top and leave it be, do the roasties etc in fan oven. Also love the fact that I no longer have to bend down and peer inside my oven to see what's going on!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 23-Jun-16 17:39:43

Mine has normal size ovens, LBOC. One fan, one multifunctional (including fan and grill and various others), and a separate grill. I agree small ones would be very annoying.

MiaowTheCat Thu 23-Jun-16 18:07:57

Double oven - but check the main oven capacity as lots are tiny sized. We've got a double oven with a huge capacity main oven - but did a lot of reading of small print to get that.

I got an induction hob with touch panel controls - which are irritatingly unresponsive when you've got a pasta pan suddenly boiling over - in hindsight I would have gone for knobs I think.

whois Thu 23-Jun-16 18:30:05

Double oven, smaller oven being a combi oven/microwave.

This. Plus an induction hob is THE DREAM.

didireallysaythat Thu 23-Jun-16 21:45:11

For me a double oven. The only range I've i used wasn't that good for my kind of cooking - you had to heat the entire, enormous oven up just to cook a couple of sausages. A double A++ rated oven just feels more flexible to me, but I admit I don't cook large multi dish suppers much

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