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Removing Virgin TV/Phone sockets

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Lemansky Wed 22-Jun-16 09:19:13

The previous owners of our house had their phone & TV contract with Virgin. We're in the process of getting the last bits of electrical work done and the engineer is going to remove the 2 TV sockets (1 in the living room & 1 in a bedroom) and the old phone socket. He's going to take the cables out and remove the wiring etc from the front of the house where it enters the property.

There will be holes that need filling that go right through the wall. Am I ok to do this myself with some filler inside and some external filler for the outside walls? I'm a bit worried about how big the holes will be.

Is there anything else that I should worry about with this and is the right way to go about doing it. I'm not sure if we should just leave them up, not that we're ever going to get Virgin.

Many thanks for any help/advice.

Lemansky Wed 22-Jun-16 13:55:40


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