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What's it like to live near the Chatsworth Rd, Hackney?

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Nickname1980 Tue 21-Jun-16 20:08:02

I live in another part of Hackney currently and have seen a few fixer-uppers online that I can just about afford off the Chatsworth Road.

Apart from the odd market trip, I have no idea what it's like around there. (Love the market, though!)

I know it's old reputation - but things have moved on a lot in Hackney.

Okay, so - is it a nice, safe place for a growing family? What's the atmosphere like? Schools? Would you move there over South East London?

Would love your opinions!

(Don't love all the stinky traffic that trundles past the Homerton, I must say.)

alazuli Tue 21-Jun-16 21:04:55

chatsworth road is massively gentrified and super trendy. i'm sure it's very safe and a million miles away from its old reputation as 'murder mile'.

soundsystem Wed 22-Jun-16 06:54:27

Yep, a long way from the murder mile days! I'm not sure about schools but I'd say definitely good for families. There's a nice sense of community and quite a lot of events. Plenty of open space, places to eat, things going on. Transport isn't great, maybe a 10-15 minute walk to the station but loads of buses. But then that's pretty standard for Hackney so may not bother you!

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