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Pop up sockets - if you've had them for a while

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candleframe Mon 20-Jun-16 22:53:26

If you have pop up sockets on a kitchen island, do they look broken or wonky after a few years? The few I've seen seem to be. So if you have pop up sockets on an island, do you still love it or not? Do they look as good as the day they were fitted? smile

tallpoppies Tue 21-Jun-16 01:04:42

Mine still looks and works the same as it did 4 years ago! Think it depends on the make tho, will try and find a link

IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Tue 21-Jun-16 09:27:59

Ours is still perfect, after 8 years, will try and find where they came from.

IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Tue 21-Jun-16 09:34:06

Hmm I can't find the make of ours, but it looks rather like his one. They were quite unusual when we did our kitchen, much more widely available now I think. We usually leave ours up with chargers plugged in, only out it down when tidying for visitors!

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass Tue 21-Jun-16 09:36:01

Mine are up all the time, still look like new after 3 years.

MyMurphy Tue 21-Jun-16 10:07:19

Mine is down usually, just pull it up to use. BUT IT IS FAB!! Love it, had it 8 years now.

MyMurphy Tue 21-Jun-16 10:09:19

Our other kitchen sockets are under the kitchen wall units so they can't be seen. We haven't met anybody who has these but they are so simple!

MyMurphy Tue 21-Jun-16 10:12:18

Helgathehairy Wed 22-Jun-16 17:17:34

Our first set were b&Q and they died after about 3 years. The set we have now we've had about 18 months. They have 3 socket spaces and 2 USB spaces. Which are brilliant but think they may be on the blink.

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