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Help! Flooded rental property

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xxxPandora Sat 18-Jun-16 22:26:11


Advice gratefully received....

I live in Cheltenham and we had heavy rain last weekend causing flood damage to some areas.

I put a £300 deposit/holding fee on a basement flat (via a letting agent) 2 weeks ago and I am due to move in with my daughter in 2 weeks. I went for a 'measuring up' viewing this morning and was mortified to discover that it has flooded by the front door and in one of the rooms. The floor was covered in sediment where the water has dried and there's water marks on the wall. The carpet that is going to be my daughters bedroom was wet and the wooden floor boards were still wet in areas.

I've handed my notice in on my current property and we need to leave in 2 weeks.

The letting agent has said that they're getting in touch with the landlord and are confident that they can 'dry it out' before we move in but I'm now extremely concerned that the flat will be damp under the floor boards and will eventually go mouldy/smelly etc. I'm pretty sure they won't be ripping up the floor boards and replacing them and I would imagine that this couldn't be done in 2 weeks! Also I'm worried if it floods again!

The letting agent advised that he is unsure if it has flooded before and will check with the landlord- but surely if it's flooded once, it can flood again.

What would you do?

I'm not sure if they will give me my deposit back as it was to hold the property which is then used for reference fees etc. My references were completed last week. Do you think I could get my deposit back?
Or shall I hope it 'dries out' and move in?
I've rang my current letting agent and informed them of the situation but I won't know until Monday if they will let me stay here ongoing or not. Thankfully viewings on my current property are not until this week so no one is due to move in imminently.

Apologies for the long post! I just don't know what to do for the best sad.

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