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Minor flood in rented property- who is responsible?

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PotOfYoghurt Sat 18-Jun-16 14:01:25

I rent a basement flat. Damp has always been a problem in one of the rooms and when we moved in the landlord said there was a damp-proof later-coating inside the walls.

My flatmate and I arrived home on Thursday evening to find mud all over the stairwell outside the front door, and inside there was a pool of water that must have came through under the door.

There's a waterline on the exterior wall of 10cm. There's also a drain in the corner of the stairwell/front entryway. I'm assuming since there was such heavy rain on Thursday the drain couldn't clear it quick enough and the water flooded in under the door.

The laminate floor inside the flat has started lifting up in places so it's like walking on a bouncy castle. It's lifting in areas that weren't covered in water as well.

Annoyingly, there were two areas that started lifting the day before the 'flood' but due to a very busy working week for both of us we didn't call the LL that night. (Oh the value of hindsight)

The LL is blaming us and is saying that it would be
-fat down the sink (don't do this)
-rubbish blocking the external drain

There wasn't any rubbish there when we arrived, but people often throw rubbish on the stairs as they walk past. I sweep the stairs every week and by the next morning there's rubbish there again.

LL has said that he can get a surveyor in to look at the drain and if a problem is found with it he will pay, otherwise we'll have to pay
OR we can arrange the repairs ourselves without involving a surveyor and work out payment between us

I've found information online that seems to say that the LL is responsible for outside drains but he was so adamant that it was our fault I'm not sure. Also just found something that says the tenant is responsible for cleaning the gully trap but I'm not quite sure what a gully trap is.

Any help would be so appreciated, it's really worrying me.

specialsubject Sat 18-Jun-16 14:36:26

the landlord is responsible for everything to do with the building. If you were the type of people who don't know the difference between a toilet/sink and a bin, and had blocked the drain accordingly, then yes you would be responsible. But you aren't, so tell him to bring in his surveyor.

is the info about the gully trap in your tenancy agreement? Not much use if you weren't told where it is and what to do!

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