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Custom coloured composite door

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PostladyPatsCat Fri 17-Jun-16 10:20:35

Does anyone have any experience with custom coloured composite doors? I'd like a composite door for a variety of reasons (security, insulation, durability, aesthetics etc) but I'd like a particular colour.

The standard composite door colours aren't quite right and I've heard that some companies can offer customised doors. Has anyone had any experience with these, good or bad, or can you recommend any good door brands/companies that might be able to do something similar?

The colour I'm after is along the lines of F&B card room green ... The standard 'Chartwell Green' is a bit too light and bright for me. confused ... I think I'm perhaps a bit too picky!

Thanks in anticipation smile

Imperialleather2 Fri 17-Jun-16 17:47:39

The only composite doors I liked the colours of were by the English Door Company. They are more Farrow and Ballesque if that makes sense.

At £3800 we opted for a wooden door and painted it in farrow and ball!

Like you I didn't like the cheaper composite door options.

PostladyPatsCat Fri 17-Jun-16 21:07:33

At £3800 I think might be making the door myself! grin

I'll look into wooden doors a bit more perhaps. I'd done my provisional research, decided Composite best suited my needs, then started looking at colours. hmm Maybe it's time to go back a step.

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