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Blind / curtain for PVC door?

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torthecatlady Sun 12-Jun-16 21:40:13

Does anyone know if it is possible to attach a blind or curtain to my pvc back door. If so, what options do I have? I'm not very DIY savvy!

The large glass window is very bare and so is not very private and also it gets rather cold in the winter.

Hopefully the picture will be attached to this message!

Thanks for any help or suggestions! They will be greatly appreciated! smile

wowfudge Sun 12-Jun-16 21:55:12

There are blinds called 'perfect fit' which clip to the frames of upvc doors and windows.

torthecatlady Sun 12-Jun-16 22:27:06

Whoops - managed to mistype upvc twice grin
Thank you! I will give them a google and see what I can find! brew

allwornout0 Mon 13-Jun-16 15:50:34

I was also going to suggest Perfect Fit, they were the only blinds that I could find when I was looking a while ago.
I haven't got them yet myself as i'm not sure if they are a good idea if you suffer from condensation on the bottom of your glass during the winter. Don't want moldy blinds.

RunRabbitRunRabbit Tue 14-Jun-16 21:25:22

For privacy I'd use that stick on frosted window film.

For warmth, a full length curtain on a rail above the door.

LagoDiComo Wed 15-Jun-16 19:45:30

Perfect Fit are great, especially venetians. They look quite classy even though they are not particularly expensive. They look like they are part of the door/window. They wouldn't help with insulation though. I think you can probably get Perfect Fit roller blinds with a blackout/thermal fabric.

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