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Which Osmo Oil for Floorboards?

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FoxyLoxy123 Sun 12-Jun-16 20:17:44


Didn't think a post on my previous thread would get seen, so shamelessly doing another.

For anyone who has used osmo oil on floorboards, which one did you use?

They all say transparent or raw, so surely that would make them one and the same..? One does say it has pigment in but I don't know how dark that might be. I'm a bit worried about buying a massive tub to not like it on (nowhere local seems to stock it)...

CatherineDeB Sun 12-Jun-16 20:25:27

We just used polyx oil, clear satin £80 ish a tin from memory, bought from Brewers.

Really loved it, we sold the house 2.5 years after we used it and it still looked fab. Great thing is that they say you never have to sand again before reapplying - years on.

CatherineDeB Sun 12-Jun-16 20:27:22

Just looked up the raw one, it has white pigments in it to make the wood stay 'raw' looking whereas the clear satin darkened it very slightly - in a good way imo.

FoxyLoxy123 Sun 12-Jun-16 20:35:34

Thanks CatherineDeB

I'm a bit worried about the wood looking orangey!

The living room is like the wiped patch and the hallway is this colour, all prior sanding of course which happens this week.

The living room in particular feels very light. I'd prefer darker like the hallway. No real idea what if anything has been done to them before.

CatherineDeB Sun 12-Jun-16 20:47:31

It won't look much different than the wiped bit. Imagine smearing a bit of olive oil on it - that is what the clear satin looks like imo. If you lived close to me I could let you have a sample! Have loads left.

Have you looked up their stockists, they have painted samples, or phone osmo and see if they can send you one?

CatherineDeB Sun 12-Jun-16 20:49:03

Must add that wood darkens naturally, ours did, a lot.

AliceInHinterland Sun 12-Jun-16 20:59:09

You can get little sachet samples on Amazon and ours got sent really quickly. We used one coat of amber tint to move from a pine-y look to more like an oak. Then one coat of the matt. I heard the raw was difficult to apply because of the pigment, that it could end up looking patchy. I am really pleased with ours, although it's quite new so I don't know how well it will wear.

PropertyBefuddlement Sun 12-Jun-16 21:05:45

Hi, DH is a floor sander.....he gets a lot of enquiries from people who have oiled their floor and it has gone very orange and want him to sort it out.

Proceed with caution. Any amount of samples you have to buy and/or discard will still be much cheaper than re-sanding the whole floor again, as this is the only way to take the oil out if it comes out looking an awful colour.

(When the floor has been sanded it will drink oil in a lot more and will react with the oil more than testing on old floor boards pre sand, so do samples AFTER sanding and then look what it looks like the next day. Often people test the floor first, then sand it and oil it and it looks nothing like the samples they did before sanding)....

Also, if you have any boards replaced in the past the replaced boards might well go a noticeably different colour to the boards next to them.

If this happens and you want to use oil you will need to take up matching boards from a room with carpet etc where the mismatch won't matter and swap them about.

If you do samples and it looks orange, PM me and i'll ask DH what products to use instead (he isn't in tonight)

AgathaF Mon 13-Jun-16 10:44:24

I've just used the clear on our very old pine boards after sanding them. They came up very red/orange, so I ended up sanding them for a second time. I then tried samples or raw and white tint, and also a Fiddes oil wax. Ended up using the white tint one as that was the one that kept the boards nearest to their natural, sanded colour. It is important to put it on very thinly, and I also wiped the oil with a cloth as I went along try to keep it all even. Overall we're quite pleased with the result.

CatherineDeB Mon 13-Jun-16 17:48:51

I am surprised it went red Agatha, the clear satin we used was almost grey in the tin, different woods I suppose. Ours was very clear and almost Nordic looking to begin with before the wood aged.

AgathaF Mon 13-Jun-16 18:36:59

Catherine yes, we were pretty surprised too (completely pissed off actually). Never had it happen before, so it must just be the age or type of pine, I guess.

CatherineDeB Mon 13-Jun-16 20:50:40

Probably redwood pine, she says (after spending far too much time in the timber merchants choosing new floorboards)!

FoxyLoxy123 Mon 13-Jun-16 21:22:27

Thanks all. Got a Cognac and Terra stain to try after finding a big timber yard with them. Not sure I want a brown floor but they said graphite would be very dark.

Interesting what you say about the White AgathaF hmmmmmm

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