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Anyone got a good short projection toilet with a decent flush?

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linspins Sat 11-Jun-16 20:59:54

Sorted out some great ideas for our main bathroom thanks to Mumsnet, now I just need to find the right loo for a really small shower room. It needs to be around 600mm projection, with the waste pipe plumber down in to the floor. I've heard some smaller looks aren't comfy to sit on, or have rubbish flushes...anyone got a good one? We will probably choose a sink from the same range.

linspins Sat 11-Jun-16 21:01:22

I found this one, but it seems a bit pricey, especially when you have to buy seat and other bit separately.

BluePitchFork Sat 11-Jun-16 21:04:51

our cooke&lewis (b&q) has a decent flush

BluePitchFork Sat 11-Jun-16 21:06:25

(it's one of those with the sink on top of the cistern)

linspins Sat 11-Jun-16 21:16:36

I've got room for a separate sink, I just need a short loo so we can open the door! Otherwise only thin people can go in sideways....!

namechangedtoday15 Sat 11-Jun-16 21:38:29

We've also just ordered from Tavistock - have gone for the Q60 back to wall toilet with a concealed cistern - think the actual toilet is only 46 cm (and we've sat on it and it seemed comfortable) and the cistern will be about 13/15 cm. Can't comment on the flush though yet!

SwedishEdith Sat 11-Jun-16 21:50:14

We've got this one

AVOID. Despite the bizarrely good reviews by Homebase staff, it's dreadful.

linspins Sat 11-Jun-16 21:54:43

Thanks Swedish, good to know what not to get too!

mtfasuncion Sun 12-Jun-16 01:02:59

My plumber has just recommended Lily (w 360 cm, projection, 625 cm)

Though not from this stockist, it's the first one I found with a picture and specs. Apparently the moving parts are Geberit, and he says he has fitted loads without any problems.

onebrokegirl Sun 12-Jun-16 22:36:54

I have just installed an Ideal Standard Concept Space back to wall WC in my downstairs toilet - it sounds like something you are looking for. Not the cheapest but worth it I think. It has a 605mm projection and a great dual flush. I would recommend.

mtfasuncion Mon 13-Jun-16 19:15:19

Thanks, onebrokegirl. It looks good. My plumber has just recommended a Lily. It has Geberit workings in the cistern and he says he has installed loads of them without any trouble. And it's less than half the price of the Ideal Standard. Hmm... I am wavering.

mtfasuncion Mon 13-Jun-16 19:20:13

Ooops, sorry, got my threads mixed up and posted the same message twice. Obviously obsessed with toilets at the moment.

Coldtoeswarmheart Mon 13-Jun-16 20:42:10

Vitra S20? We have one and the flush is good, I would say.

5littlechickens Tue 14-Jun-16 11:35:13

I bought a short projection tavistock wc with soft close seat from Costco for around 100. Matching basin cost 50.

linspins Tue 14-Jun-16 22:42:47

Lots of loos to look at, thanks everyone. My mum always says she won't buy a loo without sitting on it first to check it's comfy!!! Can't really do that with Internet shopping!

SwedishEdith Sun 12-Mar-17 13:18:45

Reviving this thread to see if you got one, OP?

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