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Is this a sink in a bedroom?

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GrimmauldPlace Sat 11-Jun-16 09:52:16

Looking to move, we are renting and was perusing Zoopla when I came across this flat. Picture 4, that's a bedroom right? With a sink? Is this something that people do?

Sunnsoo Sat 11-Jun-16 09:53:37

Student houses often have them.

BarbaraRoberts Sat 11-Jun-16 09:54:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Numberoneisgone Sat 11-Jun-16 09:55:29

This was a thing before en suites.

Grumpysfirstwife Sat 11-Jun-16 09:57:01

Lots of houses where I live have them. Usually in the master bedroom. It hails from the 50's I believe when families often looked after older relatives or had regular visitors to stay.

TwatbadgingCuntfuckery Sat 11-Jun-16 09:57:06

Pretty common in older houses. I lived in a large victorian home some years ago and every bedroom had a sink in the corner It was actually very useful when we only had one bathroom. It meant we could wash our faces, brush teeth etc in the privacy of our own rooms and not clog up the bathroom with people attempting to do the same.

Its IDEAL if you have teens and something I am looking at when I move. Having a sink fitted in DCs room if there isn't room for an extra bathroom.

GrimmauldPlace Sat 11-Jun-16 09:59:35

I didn't think of students. But surely they'd have them in all the rooms not just one? It seems so strange to me. I've never come across a sink in a bedroom before. Learn something new every day!

GrimmauldPlace Sat 11-Jun-16 10:01:00

Oh it would be lovely to be able to have a wash in the morning without waiting for DS to finish hogging the bathroom. It's quite clever now I think about it.

ExcuseMyEyebrows Sat 11-Jun-16 10:01:45

How expensive is that!!

Yes, it's a sink in a bedroom. Used to be quite common and useful in family homes with just one bathroom. People didn't shower as often then as we do now and a daily wash at the sink was sufficient between weekly baths. Ensuites were unheard of when I was young and having a bedroom sink then was probably the equivalent of an ensuite obv not for pissing in though

wonkylegs Sat 11-Jun-16 10:03:03

When we moved in every bedroom had one but they had to go when we upgraded the electrics as they had to go as they now don't meet building regs if near electrics.
My inlaw's house has them and the house I grew up in.

BendydickCuminsnatch Sat 11-Jun-16 10:04:01

It is super weird in other people's houses but now I think of it my parents have one in their bedroom and it never even crossed my mind that it was weird grin ha! I guess cos I grew up with it. It is handy though.

Evenstar Sat 11-Jun-16 10:05:21

I had a 1960's house that had sinks in all the bedrooms, we kept them even after having an en suite installed in the master bedroom, with 3 children it made such a difference in the mornings. They could all wash without getting in each other's way and it avoided a lot of squabbling.

Lucked Sat 11-Jun-16 10:06:35

We hand them in all the bedrooms that didn't have an ensure, my mother suspected my brother was peeing in his out of laziness and had them ripped out.

Ilovenannyplum Sat 11-Jun-16 10:11:17

I lived in a shared house, 6 girls but 1 bathroom. Having a sink in my bedroom was a godsend for when one of them was being a bathroom hogger.
Although mine had a vanity unit built around it so it didn't look quite so obvious smile

gingerboy1912 Sat 11-Jun-16 10:13:53

My aunt had a sink in her spare room for when guests stayed.

namechangedtoday15 Sat 11-Jun-16 10:22:35

Loved mine in my student house. Meant I didn't ever have to clean my teeth in a room where horrible stinky boys had been grin

Allalonenow Sat 11-Jun-16 10:27:21

Very useful to have one in a guest room.

thatorchidmoment Sat 11-Jun-16 10:31:49

We took one out of our house (70s build) when we moved in 3 years ago. It was a thing, along with those hatches between kitchen and dining room for passing food through!

RoastieToastieReastie Sat 11-Jun-16 10:36:39

I never thought of this as being weird either. We had a sink in a bedroom of a house I grew up in and often when we stayed in b and bs when growing up and on holiday there was one shared bathroom for guests but most rooms would have a sink.

Cornishclio Sat 11-Jun-16 10:41:09

We put one in each of our daughters bedrooms when they were teenagers as they used to hog the bathroom and we only had one and did not have spare space to extend. Still kept them now the rooms are just guest rooms. One is great in the spare room we use for our gd who is 8 months old and the other is great for me putting on makeup. Never thought of ripping them out.

Cornishclio Sat 11-Jun-16 10:44:36

Our bedroom sinks fit in with the bedroom furniture though as they had vanity units underneath to match so they did not look as strange as the one in that picture of the flat you are considering renting.

wowfudge Sat 11-Jun-16 10:46:33

We have them in our house. I do think they are quite naff, but they are useful too.

PigletJohn Sat 11-Jun-16 11:03:02

they are useful. Most often in a vanitory unit. Because of drips and splashes you need a laminate top and upstand, or tiles.

Boys pee in them.

Donatellalymanmoss Sat 11-Jun-16 20:48:47

Thanks for the reminder piglet John I was just reminiscing about the one from my student house and thinking about whether they'd be a useful
addition to a family home, but with two boys most likely not 😁

RustyBear Sat 11-Jun-16 21:04:25

We have one in a vanity unit in our smallest bedroom- it's very useful as an extra. It was there when we moved in 25 years ago and we've never got round to changing it.

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