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Is Tufnell Park the nicer part of holloway

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Luv2chat2U Wed 08-Jun-16 16:48:37

Hi all just wondering if you have any knowledge on Tufnell Park area, I've been told it's the nicer part of holloway, (I don't actually no much about either area). Can you tell me why it's like to live their I.e. safe for kids, schools etc.

millicentfriendly Wed 08-Jun-16 17:01:26

I live in TP and love it. We have excellent, much sought after primary schools here including Eleanor Palmer and Yerbury to name but two, our own zone 2 tube station and we're in walking distance of Hampstead Health. Lots of nice cafes, bakeries, shops and restaurants and more seem to be opening daily both here and in neighbouring Kentish Town. Property prices like everywhere in central London are really high and around the primary schools which have relatively small catchment areas it can be worse. TP has a mixed, urban community, lots of French people because of the local Lycee in Kentish Town -- and politically left leaning -- as evidenced by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is our local MP. Holloway Road is admittedly a bit scruffy but it has a very convenient Waitrose, plus Morrisons, M&S, Boots etc. It's also a short bus ride to Kings Cross -- lots of nice restaurants around Granary Square, the fountains and another Waitrose. You're also in walking distance of Camden Town and it's only a short car ride to Highgate with more lovely outdoor spaces.

Luv2chat2U Wed 08-Jun-16 17:47:46

Well thank you very much Millicentfriendly! Fantastic information. 👌🏻

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