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Plumbing advice, please! Dishwasher - awkward position.

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GarlicSteak Wed 08-Jun-16 00:17:14

I live in a HA rental with a small kitchen. I have a full-sized dishwasher. The only place it will fit is round the corner from the sink, separated by three base units and the cooker (free-standing.) The dishwasher hoses would have to pass about 4 metres in total, through a corner cupboard and behind the cooker.

A plumber has said it can be done - he didn't sound enthusiastic! I think it's too far, and probably dangerous behind the oven.

Any experts done/vetoed a similar thing?

I'm kind of resigned to painfully saving up for a tabletop machine, but it would be great if I'm wrong and it can be done.

PigletJohn Wed 08-Jun-16 01:53:42

You can buy longer hoses.

Kitchen units (except Ikea) are sized so there is room to run pipes and cables behind them.

GarlicSteak Wed 08-Jun-16 03:35:07

Thank you, Piglet smile The hoses won't melt behind the cooker, then? Is there some protective product I could use? I've been looking, but don't actually know what to search for - the best I've come up with is that space blanket stuff they sell to put behind radiators!

PigletJohn Wed 08-Jun-16 10:25:51


the hot air vent from the oven is most likely at the front.

You can flop the hoses along at skirting level if you want, there is probably a recess at the back of the cooker near the floor. It will be coolest there thanks to convection.

It is an advantage to have an air gap so the pipes don't touch the metalwork.

Anyway, the hoses are made of a plastic that is capable of withstanding quite hot water. Pipes full of water very rarely catch fire.

The hoses need to have enough slack that the appliance can be pulled out for maintenance or to remove dead mice or valuables that have rolled behind it.

GarlicSteak Wed 08-Jun-16 15:41:04

Oh, that's great! Thank you!!

It's past time I pulled that cooker out, anyway blush

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