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Would you buy a sofa from here?

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Truckingalong Tue 07-Jun-16 20:17:44

Will it be poor quality? Prices are very competative and they have some super looking sofas but I don't want to waste money on something that collapsed within months!

guiltynetter Tue 07-Jun-16 20:21:42

im pretty certain the first couch i got when I moved into my house is being sold on this website. it was only £300 and was all we could afford. it looked lovely and was comfortable but it only lasted a year before the seats were all misshapen and squashed and all the seats had kind of sunk. I think you get what you pay for smile

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 07-Jun-16 20:31:28

Wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Wait and buy something better quality. £ for £ you'll get less value from one of these places than one that sells better quality.

DailyMailGOFuckOff Tue 07-Jun-16 20:36:14

Looks similar to nabru which was ok, but I wouldn't do again

I'm shopping in charity shops for our next one

wowfudge Tue 07-Jun-16 21:07:58

They have foam seat cushions - an awful lot don't these days and the cushions go flat and lumpy pretty quickly. They look okay. I did a quick bit of research and think they are made in Poland, which will be a factor in why they are so cheap.

Truckingalong Wed 08-Jun-16 06:43:32

Maybe not then. I got a great bargain on a dining room table from next clearance last week, so I'll keep looking in there.

CornishTea Wed 08-Jun-16 06:54:35

I got my Habitat sofa for £525.

It was £1800 then reduced to £700 on their website.

So I rang my local Homebase that stocks Habitat & asked if they were still doing 25% off?

She said yes, so I went in to look at swatches & ordered it. Its been really really good.

Its worth hanging on for a while.

CornishTea Wed 08-Jun-16 06:56:40

P.S - I had to wait 4 weeks for it, it was hand made in Italy, its velvet and Im so glad I waited for a good one to come along.

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