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Noise nuisance? Do I have any rights? Am I being unreasonable?

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Luv2chat2U Tue 07-Jun-16 19:26:21

Hi all please help,

I have previously posted on here about noise disturbance caused by lack of sound insulation in the converted flat I live in, which causes me to hear and feel the constant movement from the tenants above.

The situation is that I live in a conversion property beneath a tenant who owns a dog and has children, the smallest is toddler age. My life is constantly dictated by their time table and daily routine.

On my days off work, I'm forced out of my bed and out of my house, due to continuous running back and forth which starts from 6:30 am onwards. I'm not noise sensitive, the noise is just really bad. All my windows and furniture vibrate constantly which is seriously affecting my health and happiness.

I've made several attempts to speak to the tenant who unfortunately is very unreasonable, aggressive tone etc. I am therefore forced to either sit in with ear plugs, listen to jumping and running back and fourth and dog play, or go out. Unfortunately the lack of soundproofing means that tolerance doesn't allow for any time of day as the noise is not distance but rather feels like I have people intruding in my home.

I know the tenant has to live, but I actually go to work, pay rent for 5 rooms yet I'm isolated to remain in only one area of the house and am constantly moving from room to room to free myself from the noise.

I have nothing against children, and I'm also a mother and understand children playing is part of enjoyment and development. However the tenant is not willing to reduce the jumping, never takes the dog out and the housing have been useless until recently.

After several complaints I have now been awarded an urgent transfer. However, I'm contemplating taking my landlord to court due to negligence, an incompetent handling of my case.

Has anyone been through something similar, with any advise to share???

Also can anyone advise how to deal with the noise nuisance while I await my move???

Can you also advise of any nice and safe areas to move to in Islington, I have children so looking for good schools and equally good location in Islington. Any advice as I don't want to accept any unsafe locations. While properties are scarce, the housing have allowed me some flexibility.

Thanks and apologies for the essay

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