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Moving from South London to Folkestone with three small kids.... HELP!

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cateve79 Tue 07-Jun-16 10:23:52

Hello everyone,
I've not posted on here before but am after some advice/ experience/ positive input from any of you mums who have either done a similar move, or live in the Folkestone/Sandgate/Hythe areas please?

Basically my husband and I currently live in a 2-bed house in Bromley, and need a bigger house, can't afford to stay in the area etc, and have been considering moving for a while. Now we have baby no.3 (10 months) in our bedroom still and time is ticking...

We're considering other areas in Kent (Faversham/ Whitstable (bit pricey) Canterbury) too but we really like Folkestone and especially like the creative quarter and the vibe going on down there. Have heard great things about festivals and stuff going on and it sounds totally like the kind of place we would like to bring up our family. We visited recently and saw several houses - one we really like is in Seabrook.

Really I wanted to know the following: which are the best primary schools (Seabrook I've read is good) and am I likely to get my daughter in (she starts year 3 in September). Also, which are good preschools in the area - my son is 3.5yrs old.

Does anyone do the commute from that area to Folkestone West then into London - am concerned about the bus/walk to the station and how long this will take me (I need to do a practice run) I still need to commute to London 3-4 days a week.

And mainly - what's it like living there? Do you love it? Please share everything good and bad about your experience moving out of London and down to that part of the coast!!!

Thanks so much smile I look forward to reading your replies!!!!

TAG30 Fri 27-Jan-17 10:18:45

This is an old thread but just wondered if you made the move? Were also from Bromley and moving down in August!
Would be interested to hear how it went

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