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Fed up, think joiner has done a pretty poor job of hanging my doors

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HeirOfNothingInParticular Fri 03-Jun-16 18:46:32

I have had a joiner in the last couple of days to hang some doors. They are a really nice oak veneer and have been factory finished so I don't have to do any work. They weren't cheap either. There are quite wide gaps under a couple of the doors, about 3/4cm, and also it looks like he has used a saw to trim the bottoms, instead of planing, and I can spot some splinters in the veneer. There's no way I can remedy this IMO unless I replace all the carpets with thicker ones. I really pissed off. I can't point it out to my DH (he would never notice anyway) as he would be upset that we've spent all that money and I'm not happy.

HeirOfNothingInParticular Fri 03-Jun-16 18:48:37

He was supposed to be time served (goodness knows where) and I paid £50 a door which is expensive for where we live

fluffikins Fri 03-Jun-16 20:49:10

It might be that your floors aren't level. Is it still an inch gap when you open them or just when closed?

HeirOfNothingInParticular Sun 05-Jun-16 10:45:43

Thanks Fluffikins. To be fair, the floors are pretty uneven = typical late '80s Barratt build. The gap is definitely more than the old doors. There about 1cm gap under the bathroom door (meant three quarter in OP). I am fed up about the splinters in the veneer. He should have at least made an effort to tidy these up. I am going to have to get my brother to have a look (he is a fantastic joiner) which I what I wanted to avoid as he has been ill, and has his own things to do. Perhaps sorting the landing floor out will help, or I was thinking of replacing the door casing...

My other brother is an architect, and I was telling him about it and he said it's just about standard for what passes for work now, and I am being very unrealistic to expect anything like the quality of the work done by joiner brother! I don't agree with that though

fluffikins Sun 05-Jun-16 11:31:25

I think it depends on the joiner really. Shame your brother didn't do it originally. Next time I'd go on examples of their work but that does require a joiner who at least thinks about doing a portfolio or website

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