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how much play sand do I need??

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Twinkie1 Fri 03-Jun-16 18:05:53

I am an idiot when it comes to maths.

I've been sitting here trying to work out how much play sand I need for a sand pit with internal dimensions 183cm X 183cm X 10cm (deep)

I'd like it filled to about 3/4 of the way up to the top.

Can anyone please walk me through how to work this out so I don't have to ask DH please?

I'm the least clever person in my family and although I don't want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes is like not to have to ask them how to do it!

Thank you guys.

imsorryiasked Fri 03-Jun-16 18:48:46

About 15 I think. Homebase states their sand covers 0.2 metres square at a depth of 5 cm.
so if we say your sandpit is 2m x 2m then you would need 10 bags to cover 5 cm deep and (half again) so another 5 to cover an additional 2.5cms.
you may realise that maths is not my strong point either so i won't be at all surprised if some one else says that's rubbish!

Artandco Fri 03-Jun-16 18:49:51

Get extra and keep in shed/ cupboard/ under stairs. They always loose loads chucking some out!!! Then it looks half empty at the end of the summer

DramaAlpaca Fri 03-Jun-16 18:51:13

I'd also say get a couple more bags than you think you need.

Sorry can't help with the actual number!

Twinkie1 Fri 03-Jun-16 20:20:07

Thank you guys. I'll have bloody loads stashed away. DH has moaned about the fact that there'll be sand all over the lawn so I've got to top it up without him realising!!

Off to Homebase first thing.

Thank you.

justwhatineeded Sat 04-Jun-16 17:41:43

If you haven't already make sure you get a cover for the sand pit.

Otherwise the local cats will be very grateful for you spending so much time making them a nice litter tray smile

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