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Best value fitting/delivery for washing machines/dishwashers

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Ambivalence Wed 01-Jun-16 20:30:27

I know you can compare the price, but the cost of delivery and fitting seem to vary a lot. I take it you can only get the shop to fit if it's going exactly in the same place with existing plumbing? I'm needing to get a new washing machine into the existing plumbing, and then to connect a dishwasher to that plumbing too...will a shop fitter do that or am I going to have to hire a plumber?
Also , if I'm replacing a freestanding gas cooker with another freestanding gas cooker, can the delivery person do that too?

Thanks for any advice...

wowfudge Wed 01-Jun-16 21:20:15

Gas cookers have to be disconnected and connected by an appropriately qualified person. It's not a DIY job.

whois Wed 01-Jun-16 21:52:30

For the washing machine its a piece of piss to disconnect and reconnect the new one to existing connections.

For the DW you can probably do it yourself if you are sensible and it is near the sink e.g. washing machine one side and DW the other side. I did it myself after looking at lots of online guides but the DW was right by the sink so v easy. I got a pipe cutter thing from B&Q to make the extra connection point for the water (called self-cutting connectors containing isolating valves, I think), and some flexi piping to make an extra connection for the waste water into the sink trap. Was slightly nerve wrecking but cheaper than paying a professional!

See this for an overview.

Gas you can't do.

concertplayer Wed 01-Jun-16 22:32:27

Another thought What will you do with your old appliances?
The supplier of the new ones will usually recycle them for you
but at a cost .
Or are they good enough to sell/ give away second hand?

Ambivalence Thu 02-Jun-16 10:43:00

Reallyhelpful thanks.
I'm buying an empty and vacant house. It was bought from a family by a one man band developer who has put in a new kitchen but has kept the old appliances in there as he wa thinking of renting it out.He's plumbed in the washing machine but the tumble dryer is useless as it's a vented one and there is no space against a wall to vent it out now. Plus both old and cheap so want rid of them. There is no dishwasher there currently.
As the us no place to vent a tumblend dryer with the new kitchen design I need to buy a condensing one.

The old freestanding gas cooker will be a good 10 years old. I'm wondering if it's an idea to get that replaced now as well while doing everything else or to just leave it? I don't even know that it works, although the developer was originally renting the house out so there is a gas safety certificate for the gas it's presumably an electrich oven..

I was thinking of asking then to remove the old appliances before completing on the sale? I don't want the hassle and cost of removing that reasonable? They have listed them in the fixtures and fittings. ..

concertplayer Fri 03-Jun-16 08:43:44

When replacing multiple appliances eg 3 or more lots of firms offer
a discount. Currys and Appliances Online do this so check it out.
Yes I think you can ask them to remove appliances but check with
sols. Usually the vendors will have stated what they are leaving.

SoupDragon Fri 03-Jun-16 08:48:06

Connecting a washing machine to where there was one before is easy.

Is there plumbing for the dishwasher? If so, this is reasonably easy too - it can be a little trickier than the washing machine if there's a large box on the water pipe of the dishwasher.

I've done both with no problem.

I agree that the gas cooker should be done by a "gas safe" fitter though.

Ambivalence Sat 04-Jun-16 00:20:19

Thanks all.

There is no plumbing for a dishwasher as none there existing but my survey (received today ) states "the washing machine provision would accommodate a dishwasher as there is pipe work and drainage behind it" - I'm not sure what that means, so will have to ask the surveyor - presumably I still need to get extra drainage pipes fitted, he just means it's technically possible to get a dishwasher plumbed in there rather than the plumbing for a dishwasher is already there ( unlikely as there is a vented tumble dryer sitting in that space - which is not next to a wall to vent out so the tunnel dryer is useless and needs to be chucked...

Vendors have stated they are leaving the freestanding washing machine, freestanding tumble dryer and freestanding gas cooker, there is a gas safely certificate for the gas hob ( they'd tried to rent out the property) so I'm guessing it works. I'm assuming the washing machine has been plumbed in but don't know, but im assuming as the rest of the work is slapdash they haven't protected the appliances from dust when they were knocking down walls so they are probably going to break/ leak and I'd be safer chucking the washing machine too...
Might keep their gas cooker in bid to save money...

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