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Brickhill area of Bedford

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Lskz Wed 01-Jun-16 10:40:49

Morning ladies,

Need your advice regarding to the Brickhill area of Bedford. A propeety came up in new development(6yeqts old) on the edge of Brickhill area. Is it good and safe place to live? I have 3months old baby boy, any baby groups, children centres around? Will be glad for any thoughts. Thank you!!!

TK1930 Wed 01-Jun-16 13:37:25

Hi there's a lot of building going on around there. If it's where I think it is (near Go Outdoors/Norse rd) the area is ok but I wouldn't say there is a lot to walk to.
Lots of baby groups in Bedford.
There is a children's centre near there too- though not sure of exact name/location.
Depends what you are looking for really.
Hope that's of some help- let me know if there's anything else.

Lskz Thu 02-Jun-16 18:21:15

Thanks a lot!

mumtomaxwell Thu 02-Jun-16 23:47:32

If it's on the woodlands estate part of Brickhill (accessed off Tyne Way) bear in mind there are NO amenities and that long access road is very difficult to negotiate in ice/snow. You couldn't easily walk to a shop, but they do have a bus service. Also visit at weekends/evenings- in some parts of that estate there are problems. However, my friend has lived there for 4 yrs and loves it!

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