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Rough budgeting help for plastering / bathroom.

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Ain626 Tue 31-May-16 00:36:48

We are looking to get some more of the house done up to how we want it to be (we've lived here 2 years... about time!)

3 bed house, smallish, nothing too fancy - we were first time buyers when we bought the place.

The 2 double bedrooms are what we want to plaster (though I think they just need skimming). Neither are massively large or big on wall space - one has a built in wardrobe taking up one wall. Plan is to have them skimmed so we can paint them, and that should be all they need.

The bathroom is a bigger job. We want to literally rip out everything that is in the room and start over. The toilet can stay where it is, but would want to move the bath and sink. I can get rough ideas of cost of materials by online (window) shopping, looking in various stores, etc. but what I have no idea of is what would I be looking at roughly in terms of paying someone to do the work.

I have literally no clue to what to expect in terms of rough time scales, quotes, etc. (as I say, this is our first house, first time we've ever had to look into this kind of thing). What are reasonable rates to pay? We're going to get some people round to get quotes and whatnot, but was wondering if MN had any words of wisdom to offer.

Ain626 Wed 01-Jun-16 14:46:06

Okay, so had a quote for skimming the walls in the bedrooms. £270 per room (inclusive of all costs).

Any ideas if that's about right?

HereIAm20 Thu 02-Jun-16 15:15:44

We knocked 3 small bathrooms (well separate loo, bathroom and shower room) into one so had a fair bit of building work done and tiling etc all done in 4 weeks. From memory we had just a bathroom refit etc including tiling and decorating done in 10 days once before. Best to get 3 local builders round to quote. Our builder gave us his full Howdens' discount too so we bought better quality stuff than we might have otherwise.

AdviseNeededHelp Thu 02-Jun-16 15:23:58

we've just had our box room completely re skimmed as the plaster was falling apart under the wall paper and there were cracks, and a crumbling hole. it cost us £300 for the box room and one wall in the larger bedroom which had a wide window. this was inclusive of materials. it took them a full day to do and we had to wait a week for the plaster to completley dry before we could paint.
before this, we asked for quotes of facebook advertised plasterers in our area, and they all quoted £500 for a box room, without even coming out to see.
if you go for plasterboard, we were told it would cost more and eat into about 6cm (or mm -i really cant remember which one now) of room space and would be more costly so we just went for a re-skim

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