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Garden issue AIBU?

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p2nmh Sun 29-May-16 22:00:08

First of all. Hello all. I'm usually a silent reader but thank you all in advance for reading and for any responses.
Ok so here goes. So I live in a two bed maisonettes with a front garden and shared back garden. The problem is the access to my back garden I have to walk round my neighbours stairs which lead down from their garden door and straight into there garden, I have to walk past their garden to then access my garden, here in lies the issue as I feel uncomfortable having to walk past another family to access my garden so hence I don't really use my back garden, as I rent my property from my LA I recently applied for the RTB (Right to buy) and was told as part of the process I would need to have a survey completed (hope I used the right word-or is it a surveyor?) either way when the surveyor came to visit he informed me that I didn't actually have to be sharing my garden with my neighbours but that it was something that the council offers as a gesture of goodwill, whilst my neighbours are lovely the access to my own garden is becoming an issue. Of late I have noticed that someone has been trimming away at my front garden bush as if to make access into my front garden, in the past I have spoken to my neighbours about non access to my front garden and thought this was no longer a problem, as I have a wheelie bin I have now placed it where my bush has been cut away to avoid any further discussions and to I suppose be a deterrent/ gentle reminder to leave well enough alone. I guess my question is how to approach the front garden issue and what to do with the back garden access or do I maybe just leave well alone. Is there anywhere I can go to, to find out about who ideally has full access and rights to the back garden?

Gazelda Sun 29-May-16 22:05:21

Surely your rental agreement with the LA will outline your access and useage rights to each garden? It would certainly need to be clarified before going ahead with a mortgage (which I presume you'll be needing to buy).

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