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pic of my new kitchen. .opinions please

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Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 22:21:33

I'm buying a house from a developer. He's installed a new kitchen but the appliances aren't integrated. ..he's just recycled the old freestanding ones that were there before. I need to buy a new fridge freezer which will go in the space in front of the radiator. Am I ridiculous to ve thinking of removing the radiator and fitting an integrated fridge freezer ( if I can find out from developer where the kitchen units are from . The kitchen is open plan to the sitting room, but fridge freezer will be sort of tucked into a corner...

BeautifulMaudOHara Sat 28-May-16 22:22:47

Yes I'd put a fridge there too, can the rad go elsewhere?

Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 22:24:32


I figure if I'm spending on a whole new house I should just get the kitchen I want......or am I being ridiculous and actually a free standing fridge freezer will be better as I can use it to display art work, certificates etc...I have a 10 month old dd now...

BikeRunSki Sat 28-May-16 22:27:49

I'd put a fridge freeze there too.

BikeRunSki Sat 28-May-16 22:28:52

Nope, I'd actually put a freestanding fridge there, for the reasons you've said.

Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 22:32:02

View into kitchen from sitting room

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Sat 28-May-16 22:34:14

I think I'd move the radiator and have a side by side undercounter fridge and freezer with worktop above. That's if there's room.

Arrowminta Sat 28-May-16 22:36:03

Wow your kitchen is very similar layout to mine, but mine is narrower, which I am thinking of updating. Yes you can put a fridge freezer where the rad is but I would get a free standing one.

TotalConfucius Sat 28-May-16 22:36:45

I'd go freestanding as well - never as much space in integrated.
Lose the radiator and put in plinth heaters.

Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 22:38:33

View from sitting room

CallMeDollFace Sat 28-May-16 22:41:09

Freestanding. Choose one with an interesting design / colour and make a feature of it.

Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 22:43:46

That's interesting about plinth heaters. .will investigate. The reason for buying a "done" house from a developer was to avoid having to deal with builders etc which is why I'm wondering about just getting a free standing fridge freezer as it won't be visible from sitting room anyway...but then another part of me says I'm spending so much I should just put up with a kitchen fitter for a few hours to get it perfect! ..

BeautifulMaudOHara Sat 28-May-16 22:52:50

You've got room for more work surface as well haven't you? Is the wall beyond the radiator empty?

nonicknameseemsavailable Sat 28-May-16 23:05:41

personally I like freestanding appliances - gives so much more flexibility.

Ambivalence Sat 28-May-16 23:07:23

If you look at the last pic I've posted. .looking into the kitchen from the sitting room
with the black worktop above the radiator, there is space for a washing machine and either a tumble drier or dishwasher too behind there, and there is more wooden worktop behind there.. ( will be a 120 cm run). I'm pretty sure the worktop is ikea, but not sure where kitchen units from ( was expecting them to be ikea but I checked at the viewing and they're not).
I'm going to need to ask seller where the kitchen units are from if I'm going to want to match them up...although they do seem to be plain white...

I think I have enough worktop space, was thinking of adding the fridge freezer and if possible ( haven't measured yet ( a slim cupboard to hide mop and broom...

mysteryfairy Sun 29-May-16 07:33:44

I had a smeg free standing fridge freezer at my old house that was the nicest thing in the kitchen. I think it cost around £1K and that was several years ago. I'd spend money on something like that rather than adding more units.

contortionist Sun 29-May-16 07:42:43

Repeating what others have said - free standing is much better than integrated.
You can have a bigger footprint.
Less space is used for the doors, and so you get much more usable space inside.
Freestanding is cheaper.
The doors of a freestanding fridge double as a family notice board.
You can have a water dispenser in the front of a freestanding one (handy for everyone, but small children in particular)

wowfudge Sun 29-May-16 08:10:02

I think the kitchen design is pretty poor - it's small and the radiators are badly positioned. The peninsular with the dark work surface could have cupboard space either side if it weren't for the rad. There's already a good sized reception room so the lounge diner could be a really good kitchen diner and where the kitchen is now the utility room with washing machine, another sink and extra storage. All shut away from the living accommodation. Is this a small developer or one of the big house builders?

Anyway, back to your original question - freestanding every time.

Portobelly Sun 29-May-16 08:22:31

I think a freestanding is better. But you should get a fitter in to put a decor panel on each side and cupboard above it. To integrate it int the rest of the kitchen. If you are lacking storage, or have space, why not add a 400 wide full height larder to the side.

BikeGeek Sun 29-May-16 08:25:41

I'd personally go for something integrated. I think freestanding totally ruins the look of a lot of kitchens.

And that kitchen in particular is very poorly designed. Something to bear in mind is that the builder will be thinking they are providing a brand new kitchen (and probably the price tag to go with it) whilst if it doesn't suit you'll have to spend time and money sorting it. Even with freestanding in this case you'll need to sort radiator and socket.

seven201 Sun 29-May-16 11:10:43

Tough one. I'd probably get a nice freestanding one. But... Surely you have to move the radiator anyway?! It can't be good to cover a radiator with a fridge freezer!

Ambivalence Sun 29-May-16 15:43:20

Well I could just switch the radiator off at the Base?
It's not a big house builder. It's a one man band..he's bought the house, knocked through the kitchen wall to make kitchen open plan to living room and installed new kitchen. It's a pretty crazy design , I agree but I'm not going to rip it out and start again, but would consider adding a few more units
yes, it's very annoying about the radiator being there, was thinking of just removing it rather than moving it elsewhere. ..hoping that will be a fairly small job. .am hoping thus kitchen will last a good 20 years until I'm ready to move out...the surveyor said it was installed proprely and decent quality .

My last kitchen was an ikea Adele with wooden worktops like this and I had it for 8 years and left it immaculate ( but I designed that myself rather than paying for someone else's design. .
I'm stuck with the house as can't face the thought of a major doer upper as a full time working single mum to a 10 month old...choosing the appliances and arranging this move is stressful enough. .
and I certainly can't afford another house of this size in this location and school catchments. ..
was thinking of putting a dishwasher and washing machine in kitchen and putting a condescending tumble dryer and a eliptical cross trainer in the other living room - which used to be the garage ( behind a screen ) - so I can exercise at home in the evenings. ..there is a big understairs cupboard but I think it's a big dangerous to put a tumble dryer in there , and I think I'll need that to store the pushchair. .and eventually scooters etc...

Ambivalence Sun 29-May-16 15:49:24

Thanks everyone for your views..I'm thinking free standing but with cupboards around it. .remove the radiator,
Yes, it's poorly designed and does really need a utility room. ..but after buying this house I don't have lots of money to take on a lot of building work..I'm hoping to spend £2000 to cover buying and installing fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer.
Dies anyone have a ballpark figure for getting that radiator moved ? There's lots of sockets in the kitchen so I don't think I'll have a problem finding one to plug in a fridge freezer. ..

Ramona75 Tue 31-May-16 12:08:23

I really hate new builds (kitchens are so small) or kitchens in houses that have be "under"-redeveloped. For a few extra £s that kitchen could have been extended a little where that radiators is. He probably could not be bothered to relocated it though!

Hufflepuffin Tue 31-May-16 14:28:12

Do you have room to leave the radiator where it is with a butcher block trolley (or play kitchen!) in front of it and then have the fridge freezer right in the corner?

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