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Neighbourly etiquette

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hippyme Fri 27-May-16 15:22:50

Hi, I'm curious to get opinions on neighbourly etiquette What is courteous etc

Our neighbours have put in planning for a 6m extension they are the end of terrace with a much larger garden than the rest of the properties, we are the only neighbour attached. They haven't come over to show plans/talk to us about what they intend to do... This has come out of the blue with a short conversation around a year ago that they plan to extend at some point! But a 6m is huge... Historically they have had work done and not notified us even when it has had a major impact on either our boundary or lifestyle (plaster being chipped away and did built in cupboards being drilled in for 3 month solid! Or that one time I opened my blinds in my pjs to find 3 men stood in my drive digging out her new drive and fence!!). They have also lifted fence panels and come into my garden to get a ball even though I pass them back when I come across them. I guess me and my partner are feeling a bit trampled. We are in the process of getting our garden landscaped (16k worth of work which is still in planning) and now feel like there's not much point as any work we have done could be impacted by what our neighbour has done, of which we have no real idea what they have planned... It's easy to say just knock on their door and ask them but they aren't the most approachable people... In fact we kindly asked them 5 times to not block our driveway which was ignored until we got really cheesed off.

All in all I get people have work done but am I expecting too much to be told what people are planning when it impacts me? I feel like we have just come to expect this behaviour but is it ok for them to behave this way? I would tell my neighbours if I was going to have something done that would have a noise or boundary impact on them...

hooliodancer Fri 27-May-16 15:32:42

If it effects the boundary then they should get a party wall award, which protects you but also allows them to do things that they wouldn't be able to do without one.

Our neighbours recently put in a 9 m extension without a party wall award. We gave really suffered because of this, and I really really wish we had tried to get them to do it before we allowed the work to start. So do your research . There should be something on the council website even if it is being built under permitted development.

Our neighbours are utter cunts, and we are having to take them to court. We are also feeling that we will have to move as their behaviour toards us has been so awful.

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