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Withdrawing from sale to move to other EA

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Southernc0mfortmirror Fri 27-May-16 12:58:17

Hello. I currently have my property on the market with an EA but I'm unhappy with how they've handled things so far (awful pictures, not including floor plan although they definitely have one, no viewings...). Conversations with my neighbours also suggest that the EA haven't handled other sales well.

I'm looking at my T&Cs and it includes a clause on sole selling rights for 8 weeks. Withdrawal only mentions payment of fees if the property is withdrawn or sold through another EA (it does state fees are not applicable).

Does this sound like I can withdraw and re-list with another company with no penalty? I've tried to get hold of the EA a few times today with no successhmm

newtscamander Fri 27-May-16 13:00:55

You need to give notice. If your property is sold with another agent before the 8 weeks is up then you will have to pay both agents.

tdm1 Fri 27-May-16 13:09:03

How long have they had it? Lots of estate agents have a get out clause within the first 2 weeks, leaving you liable then for a range of services, eg photos, floorplan, etc, but not having to pay their commission if you sell through another agent.

Southernc0mfortmirror Fri 27-May-16 13:09:20

Ahh, I might wait out the eight weeks and see if they'll redo the photos (if they ever answer the phone...)

unintendedcatlady Fri 27-May-16 14:00:30

I had a truly awful estate agent. After a few complaints I wrote a long letter detailing the issues - times I'd tried to contact etc - took it in & demanded my keys. I (rightly) assumed they they wouldn't follow up on the 8 weeks rule because they hadn't done their job properly at all. Nothing happened. Next EA sold the house rapidly & were a pleasure.

HidingBehindThisUsername Sat 28-May-16 10:49:42 Put a review of them on here. It gets emailed to the agents concerned and that will get them to call you back. It is a bit like Trip Advisor for EAs.

FloraFiasco Mon 30-May-16 08:16:30

Is there such a thing as an estate agent ombudsman?
If not, I would go hold of Trading Standards. You have committed to a service in a contract, that contract goes both ways and they are obviously not fulfilling their end of the deal (crap photos, no floor plan, uncontactable - do keep a record of every time you have tried and failed to make contact).

You could also, have a look and see if your home insurance has a free legal advice service (lots do) - you could ring them and ask them to clarify what the contract terms mean.

Good luck!

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