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Engineered flooring on concrete and tiling onto plaster

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fooogle Tue 24-May-16 13:40:03

Pretty exciting stuff. wink
Having work done on 1950s semi. It has been loved but not really had money spent on updates or upkeep by previous owners.
So, builder is laying oak engineered flooring as part of the job (knock through) and it is nearly done but has patches where it is basically coping with a slope or change in level in the concrete and tile subfloor.
Should we ask for it to be redone totally? Should they have noticed the change in levels (we have had the house upside down for 8 weeks now so it has been possible to look). Is there anything remedial to be done or are we being optimistic and compromising on what should be done?
Bathroom: total refit and I am concerned about the tiling. It looks nice and neat but can't see any adhesive through a lot of the as yet un-grouted lines (apparently because its uneven wall; which they plastered it). No tanking or anything and some boxing in has been done onto 'normal' plasterboard. It is an over bath shower set up.
I've raised tiling concerns several times. They say its all fine, no problems, it is how things should be. I'm anxious it will all fall off/go moldy behind and generally need redoing in a year or two when we have no money left.
Anyone able to see a sensible route? Sorry for the ramble!
Trying to keep everyone from builders on side but disruption is making us weak, stressed and just want it done and dusted but I know we should ensure it is right.

fooogle Tue 24-May-16 13:56:03

'Problem with...' is what I guess the title should begin with

ladypie21 Tue 24-May-16 14:00:25

can you post pics? plasterboard round a shower should always be water resistant type even if it's going to be tiled after. I cannot see how there would be no adhesive visible before grouting either?

For the engineered floor, there are normally installation tolerances recommended so if the floor is too uneven the timber could be damaged. I would expect them to have checked it. When ours was done it was slightly uneven so we have a levelling screed put down to even it out. I don't understand what the "patches" are??

fooogle Thu 26-May-16 13:54:05

Sorry ladypie21 I don't think Mumsnet alerted me that anyone had replied!
Tiling pic below.
Feel like I am being neurotic but, why not just get it right first time or we'll be trying to do it all again in the future.
Floor, yep, no leveling has been done on the kitchen diner. It really should have been I think. Now they are trying to rush on rather than just bite the bullet, sort it out and re lay. Partner just popped home and they were about to put the skirting on which to me seems a bit silly if it is not right yet as just making more work to undo.
I've raised it but what do I do now?

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