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when to look for rental property

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Leopard12 Tue 24-May-16 09:36:19

So I've never normally rented before always been student rents with very set dates and sorted 9 months in advance, we need to be out our current place on the 31st July and would like a week cross over to move across (should be within 20 minute drive). OH wants to start looking next week as it's half term and he's off and after that we have a busy working week then a holiday so it will be 20th June until we're free again leaving 3-4 weeks before we move which I think is fine, but would be nice to be sorted before holiday but do you think they'd let us sign and not start paying rent for a month, most seem to say available now or available within a week or two, it's in east midlands and not city centre so I don't think it's a fast rental market. Opinions please of when we should start viewings?

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 24-May-16 09:45:46

I think that most rental places start viewings in the month before they are vacated. Tenants wont' want people schlepping around before that. If it's empty now, you view it and you like it, you will need to pay to retain it. It might not be a full month but more than the week's overlap that you want.

I don't know the Midlands though - the market could be a lot slower than London so speak to a couple of decent local estate agents.

sleeponeday Tue 24-May-16 09:51:35

In my experience if they say "available now" they mean it hasn't rented, or the tenants haven't allowed viewings, or they've damaged the place to the point the landlord needs to decorate etc.

In the past when we've rented we have viewed a month or so before we want somewhere. And that hasn't been in a slow market. I would go and view the places you like the look of and state when you are happy to rent from - if it's a slow market then they may happily accept it. I wouldn't ask the agency for guidance, though - their loyalty will be to the commission so they will say whatever suits them best, not you.

If you are looking on Rightmove, then just below the photos, on the right, is a guide to how long a property has been listed with that agency. If it's been on a while then there will be room to negotiate not just on dates, but potentially price, too. A landlord with a 2 month listing and no interest may take an offer, because otherwise they'll have to cut the price and still have no guaranteed tenant right away.

whois Tue 24-May-16 10:09:35

It depends.

I mainly looked at 'available now' properties as it seems quite normal for LL to have a month or so gap so they can do a bit or repair work and spruce up the place after long-term tenants. Depends on your market and budget/type of rental though I think.

If it isn't a fast rental market you can negotiate although don't be surprised if you have to pay sooner than you ideally want if the property you like is already available.

IAmAPaleontologist Tue 24-May-16 10:54:36

I'd go in to a couple of places and have a chat. Dh and I found it really difficult switching over from student rentals as at the time of year you need to be out all that was left where we lived were the grotty remains of what hadn't been taken by students and landlords were desperate to shift so I'd get your requirements known by letting agencies and get looking tbh.

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