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LPG Fuel Costs for Heating?

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GoudyStout Mon 23-May-16 16:18:58

We're contemplating a rental property with LPG for heating / hot water. It's an old stone house, the EPC rating is really poor (bottom of band F) and the EPC report done in 2013 mentioned costs of £13k for fuel over a 3 year period. That suggests an annual fuel charge of over £4k - does that sound right? Would we be mad to take it on just for a year?

specialsubject Mon 23-May-16 17:32:08

LPG ties you into one supplier . prices do vary so see where they are now. But ...don't grumble if you take the place on and can't get it warm in the winter!

GoudyStout Mon 23-May-16 22:21:26

That's my worry - pissing into the wind trying to heat the place (I was brought up to stick on another jumper rather than put the heating on because we had an oil fired boiler). Just wondered because the EPC report was done when oil was $110 a barrel, now it's below $50 a barrel so LPG will be cheaper, but will it still be hideous because of the lack of insulation etc?

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