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Bloody builders!!

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moosiemoomoo Tue 17-May-16 14:34:16

I'm now into week 5 of a new kitchen which should have taken 2 weeks according to my builder at the start. The delays have been caused by the fact that most days I have only had one person working here and on two consecutive days, nobody. Also by the fact that they've made so many mistakes that it's been a case of one step forward, two steps back. Additionally, I told the builder at the start that I needed someone who could help me with ordering the kitchen in the first place from the online company I was using. He agreed to that but kept fobbing me off, giving me excuses as to why he couldn't come, until I had to employ an online kitchen designer to help me as the start date of the project was looming and I was running out of time. That cost me an extra £250. I also paid extra for an expedited delivery to get the kitchen here in time for the first date the builder gave me. That was put back twice by a week in total.
All in all I am considering reducing the amount I agreed to pay by £400. I owe the last payment of £2400 so £400 seems a reasonable sum to me to compensate me for the extra expenses I incurred plus the inordinate delay.
Does anyone have any similar experience of this sort of thing and am I being reasonable?

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