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Works by HA on next doors house

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Cabawill Tue 17-May-16 13:27:55

Our home is semi detached and is an ex-council house. The house attached to ours is still a Housing Association property and we've never had any problems in the 8 years living here with the neighbours (who were already there.)

Over the years they've had numerous update work done on the house as you would expect. The year before last, they had their guttering replaced. Previously it ran all the way along from their house to ours and was rectangular. The replacement was circular and caused drips onto the fences at the front and back (owned and maintained by us) and also caused a drip further along from where they'd pulled it. We paid for the guttering to be cleaned and the guy said he'd fix the problems by adding new clips and sealing it for an extra £30- no problem.

So, yesterday the HA van pulled up and banging commenced. Looked like the boiler was being replaced. Didn't affect us, no problem. Today though scaffolding has been put up right next to our back fence outside our bedroom window. Not sure yet what works they are doing, but if it's anything that may affect our home (like a new roof for example) should they not let us know so we can be sure that any work does not damage our house? Should I ask the workmen or ask the neighbours what they're doing or should I MMOB?

SquinkiesRule Tue 17-May-16 15:19:32

Go and ask, I would.

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