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Offering on 2 different houses

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LoveArtDeco Tue 17-May-16 12:34:43

We put an asking price offer in on a house last Friday and apparently the vendors are still thinking about it. We've sold to ftbs so are good to go.

Another property with the same estate agent has come on the market which isn't quite as nice but still in the right area for the school.

Is it bad form to request a viewing on the 2nd property before we hear back from the 1st? If it was on with a completely different estate agent I would book a viewing straight away!

I want the house we've made an offer on but they're taking ages to get back to us and so don't want to miss out on other properties if they say no.

RoganJosh Tue 17-May-16 12:35:44

I don't think it's bad form to request a viewing. Not at all.

WhatKatyDidnt Tue 17-May-16 12:37:08

Definitely look at the second house too.

ChicRock Tue 17-May-16 12:37:52

You've made an asking price offer - what do they need to think about? They're not really sure about moving, or are holding out for more offers from others and hoping to start a bidding war.

I'd definitely book a viewing at the second property.

Convoysandwich Tue 17-May-16 12:38:21

I think offering on two would be bad form (unless I suppose you were very clear to the vendors that's what you were doing) but I think a viewing is fine.

Somerville Tue 17-May-16 12:38:35

It actually helps with nudging the vendors of the first house.

Phone the agent, say you'd like to book a viewing for Saturday on house 2, in case you either haven't heard back from house 1 vendors yet, or they reject your offer. They'll then phone house 1 vendors.

Leviticus Tue 17-May-16 12:39:51

Do it. I think it will help as well.

LoveArtDeco Tue 17-May-16 12:40:25

Thanks. That's what I thought. The 1st house has been on he market for 2 months now. Apparently they've had an asking price offer from buyers who are not proceed able yet so that's why it was still.on the market. Not sure what they have to think about!

I'll book the viewing now I know I'm not being cheeky. grin

Basicbrown Tue 17-May-16 12:41:42

Well the first vendors are messing you around tbh and taking the risk that you will change your mind, presumably because they think they can get more. So absolutely go and have a look and potentially offer on the other one. Perfectly reasonable in every way.

specialsubject Tue 17-May-16 12:46:35

go for it. This is the biggest purchase you ever make so there's no such thing as too much looking round.

holidaysarenice Tue 17-May-16 12:54:56

Book the second one. And give the first one a deadline for the offer or its off the table. They are trying to use your offer for other people to bounce from there.

LoveArtDeco Tue 17-May-16 13:10:04

I agree holidaysarenice the feckers. I've just booked the viewing for tomorrow.

Notyetthere Tue 17-May-16 13:17:02

You are not being cheeky. We viewed house B while we were waiting for a response from the vendor about house A. It was also with the same EA. We ended up buying house while vendor for A was still fuffing.

LoveArtDeco Thu 19-May-16 06:58:10

So they finally got back to the estate agent yesterday and have now decided not to sell at all. Sigh.

And the other house we liked at was lovely but too small.

Oh well. Something will come up!

KittyKrap Thu 19-May-16 07:12:19

What a cheek! Convince yourself that house A was rubbish anyway! We fell in love with a house but couldn't get the cash together in time, when we did it was off the market/sold, never knew which but then we found a better house around the corner. I'm so glad we didn't buy the first one now!

SquinkiesRule Thu 19-May-16 08:15:04

That was a lucky escape, they could have accepted and then dropped out a couple of months from now.

LoveArtDeco Thu 19-May-16 15:24:10

True I don't think I'd want to deal with them anyway. Onwards and upwards!

BeYourselfUnlessUCanBeAUnicorn Thu 19-May-16 20:08:55

We offered on a house but wasn't proceedable, we were desperately getting ours sorted when the house sold. I was gutted and had to drive past it all the time as it was near where we lived. After another house around the corner dropped in price to within our budget, it was bigger and not on so much of a main road. We now live in it and I'm much happier. We wouldn't have even looked at this house if we had been able to go ahead with the other one. I believe a better house always comes along, it's just you don't realise it at the time.

saltwiththat Thu 19-May-16 20:11:58

I think if you'd had your offer accepted it would be bad form, but in your case absolutely not.
It might focus the minds of the 1st vendors if they know you're looking elsewhere, make sure the EA knows you're looking at others.

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