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Twigletmama Mon 16-May-16 20:16:43

We have recently moved into a new house and are planning a double height side extension. The house has a very odd layout with a pretty much usable fourth box-room ( 3 X 1.65m) which we are looking to supplement with a new master bedroom. Essentially we will end up with a 5 bed house but the box room is tiny and I'm not sure what we will use it for other than storage. We are also adding a study downstairs for my husband but potentially it might come in useful if I ever decide to work from home. Our architect has come up with a few plans for upstairs all of which have compromises and I am driving myself mad trying to decide which option to go for! It would be great to get others opinion on which out of the following options they'd prefer:

1- New master bedroom with windowless ensuite and family bathroom relocated across the stairs i.e at the top of the stairs you turn right ( and up a couple of steps) to the bedrooms and left (and up a couple of steps) to the bathroom. My concern with this option is the lack of a window in the tiny ensuite and the fact that the family bathroom will be relatively far away from the other bedrooms.

2- Windowless family bathroom located near bedrooms, master bedroom and ensuite with window located across the stairs. This option definitely gives us the nicest ensuite and the location of master bedroom makes much more sense. However, I absolutely loathe windowless bathrooms so this would be a huge compromise.

3 - Master Bedroom with no ensuite, family bathroom maintains a window. Financially this option would be best option ( as the extension would be smaller) but I am worried about future buyers being put off by the lack of an ensuite. It doesn't bother us particularly but our son is only 2 years old and perhaps we may feel differently in the future. With this option we would have the potential to change the box room ( which will become bedroom 5 in the new layout) into a good sized shower room in the future. This wouldn't be ensuite but accessible by everyone which I actually prefer. However, we would technically be loosing a bedroom which worries me if we come to sell. We have no plans to move within the next 10 years but there is always the possibility that our circumstances might change.

Any thoughts or advice gratefully received!

Twigletmama Mon 16-May-16 20:17:51

Twigletmama Mon 16-May-16 20:19:53

These are the plans for option 1.

SoddingPufflers Mon 16-May-16 20:53:10

Personally I would go for a 2nd shower room not ensuite. Going on recent places we have lived, I found the best combination was a separate loo upstairs, with a shower room and a bathroom (as in with a bath) which seemed to cover all the angles.

SoddingPufflers Mon 16-May-16 20:56:20

So going on your plan, I would turn a section where the loo is in the bathroom into a loo. The other part of the room into a room with a bath.

Twigletmama Mon 16-May-16 21:01:16

I think this layout would probably work best for us as well. My only hesitation is the impact that loosing the 5th bedroom/ box room would have if we came to sell. TBF we really don't need 5 bedrooms so perhaps be should just do what works for us and not worry about future buyers!

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