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No hot water - need a bath!

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Rezolution123 Sun 15-May-16 08:40:32

We had our central heating system cleaned out/flushed on Friday by a plumbing firm. All OK so I signed the paperwork. Then during Saturday (in the afternoon) the hot water went off completely but the central heating is still running fine.
Any suggestions? Don't want a callout on a Sunday. Too expensive.

Acopyofacopy Sun 15-May-16 08:42:00

Go swimming / free trial at a gym?

PissPotPourri Sun 15-May-16 08:42:17

Yes, phone the plumbing firm and tell them what happened! They should come and check it out without call-out charge seeing as it's likely to be a consequence of the flush

insancerre Sun 15-May-16 08:46:55

Reset the boiler?
Check the pressure on the boiler?
Check the controls on the boiler?
Check the instruction booklet?
Google the make and model of the boiler and your problem. You may get a YouTube clip or some instructions on a forum
Ring the person who did the service and ask for some advice?
There is a poster called pigletjohn who gives great advice on plumbing. Pray they will see this and post

Rezolution123 Sun 15-May-16 08:47:53

Thanks both. Yes will go to baths and take daughters to their gym nearby so we can have a shower..
First thing on Monday I will phone the plumbing firm and get an emergency callout.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 15-May-16 08:49:29

Boil the kettle and fill a bucket with warm water - stand in the bath and sloosh it over yourself, soap and repeat.

Call them back tomorrow.

Rezolution123 Sun 15-May-16 08:49:43

insancerre Thanks for those good suggestions. I spent ages yesterday with DD2 doing everything we could think of to get the boiler to reboot itself.

cheekyfunkymonkey Sun 15-May-16 08:54:13

This happened to us, when we called the firm who did the service they advised us to call the boiler manufacturers, they sent an electrician who found a loose cable the service guy had not tightened properly hmm

dynevoran Sun 15-May-16 09:47:28

Yes have a bucket bath like half the world does already!

Rezolution123 Sun 15-May-16 11:54:12

Thanks everyone. Have called the firm and they are sending a guy out to fix it this afternoon.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sun 15-May-16 11:54:49

We were left once with boiler not working AND the immersion heater packed up at the same time!
I took the electric kettle upstairs - a fast boiler - put several kettle-fuls in and topped up with cold. It was shallow and I had to be quick, but it was a lot better than nothing.

insancerre Sun 15-May-16 12:06:02

That's what I would do
But I wouldn't advise anyone else to carry around boiling water especially when they have children

Rezolution123 Sun 15-May-16 15:02:13

Thanks for your advice. Turns out it was an airlock in one of the pipes. All sorted out now so there is a queue for baths.

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