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Isle of Dogs

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Westfacing Sat 14-May-16 19:43:26

Does anyone have experience of living there - I'm particularly interested in Burrell's Wharf?

Is it dead at weekends, any shops open, etc.

I'm semi-retired and budget £500,000 and looking for a 2-bedroom flat with balcony. I check-out all the online sites so have an idea what my budget will buy but wanted some insider opinions!

UnityBlottisaTosser Sat 14-May-16 20:08:23

I lived a few developments south of Burrells Wharf until about five years ago. It's not dead at the weekend, but Canary Wharf is a bit quieter than it is on week-day evenings. Everything is still open and buzzing though. I really, really miss it. It was a lovely area of London to live before we had DC and when the DC were pre-school. It's a nice walk over to Greenwich for the market too, and the Thames Clipper goes from right beside Burrells Wharf which is a pleasant commute if your workplace is walking distance from the Thames.

We had friends who lived in Burrells Wharf and they were happy there. People who lived there used to have barbecues in the summer in the raised garden bit in the middle and it felt quite village-y. They had good ceiling height in the flats too, although some of the flats were in newer buildings so I don't know whether they felt as roomy.

Westfacing Sat 14-May-16 20:32:16

Thank you Unity - that's what I was hoping to hear! smile

I'll be going on a recce soon.

UnityBlottisaTosser Sat 14-May-16 20:47:11

Do check how much the service charge is, and see if you can look at the accounts for the last few years. In our development we had a pool, gym, concierge, electric gates for the underground parking, landscaping/gardening, buildings insurance and lifts and it added up to quite a bit for the service charge.

Westfacing Sun 15-May-16 11:53:15

Yes, I'll definitely checking the accounts - currently paying around £2000 pa; I think Burrell's Wharf is £3,000.

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