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Apollo slab tech for kitchen work surface - opinions please!

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Kstar8 Sat 14-May-16 14:06:43

Hi guys,
We've been trying to determine what work surface to have in our kitchen for about 6 weeks now. We loved the look of Quartz and had an independent supplier quote us £2700 for cutting and fitting which seems good but we are worried about stretching to this as we are unsure how long we will remain in the house (smallish terrace) and our budget is now struggling.

I've looked at laminates (including Durapol and similar brands) and all of the light colours are disappointing/look cheap. I had a quote for Maia worktops which was about 500 less than the solid templated Quartz(!).

We've seen Apollo slab tech in snowflake which is close to the Quartz we liked and comes out at half the price of the Quartz.
I can only find a few threads via Google of people discussing its durability. Has anyone had this fitted in their kitchen or any workers that have fitted it?
I know it won't be as hard wearing as Quartz and we will be careful with it but is it a nightmare or a good in between option?

Help much appreciated!

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